WATCH: Chris Janson Brings Kroger Worker To Tears With Heartfelt Gift For Her Grandchild

Country music-goers have recognized Chris Janson’s remarkable pipes, but on Thursday, Sept 2, the world got to see his heart of gold as well. Kelly Janson recently took to Instagram to share a small act of kindness that her megastar husband did for a helpful Kroger employee. 

“So today, I asked @thechrisjanson to run back up to Kroger to pick up some outdoor plants. My sweet husband asks the worker to help him, and she recognized him & started showing pictures of her grandchild who is an aspiring singer,” shares Kelly Janson on Instagram about the memorable moment. 

“Chris immediately called his production manager Jason Bittinger & had him meet him at the store to surprise the grandmother that is raising her grandkids. “Her story touched his heart,” @thechrisjanson said. Jason actually filmed it as she thought he was back for more plants! #crying ❤️ heartwarming…. @chrisjansonpm ❤️,” she adds. 

The heartfelt caption was paired with a touching clip of Janson surprising his hardworking fan outside of the grocery store with a personal guitar for her grandchild. “I actually brought you this for your kid,” says Chris with a guitar case in hand. “Now, this is a used case…this is straight off my tour bus, and now you don’t have to go buy her one for Christmas.” 

The fan couldn’t believe her eyes, as she was full of emotion and speechless from the kind gesture. According to the video, it seems like the two had a chilling conversation about her grandkid hoping to pursue music and picking up the guitar as a hobby. 

He continued to say that if she wants to buy her grandkid a new acoustic guitar, she could. However, he stressed that the one he is gifting her, would be a perfect fit since she is small. 

“It touched my heart so much when you told me that,” shares the “Good Vibes” singer. “So anyway, this is for her,” he said while handing the Kroger employee a vintage-looking string guitar. 

Chris went on to point out the essential features that the instrument has, that would help the young aspiring musicians. For instance, an electric plug, and he even went the extra mile to show the grandmother how to tune the guitar. 

It didn’t take long for Janson fanatics to praise his thoughtfulness in the comments. “This is why I’m a fan! I mean – the music is great, but the heart…that’s where it’s at❤️,” says a social media user. “Blessing others with your blessings! This is human kindness at its best! 😍” shared another. 

Credit: Twitter @janson_chris

Janson is a gift that keeps on giving, as he is currently out on the road blessing music enthusiasts ears with his soulful tracks like the recently released hit “Bye Mom.” Tickets are still available to see the talented hitmaker live and in person. Click here to purchase!  

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