WATCH: Avenged Sevenfold Read Mean Tweets About Themselves

Avenged Sevenfold members including guitarist Synyster Gates, bassist Johnny Christ and drummer Brooks Wackerman recently joined in on the ‘Mean Tweets’ segment from the ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live! show for a video which can be seen below. In the video you will see the band members recite tweets that people hatefully tweeted at them on Twitter.

“God, where does Avenged Sevenfold fit into your master plan, if you’re so f–king smart explain that awful horsesh*t.” one fan tweeted towards the band. The band continuing to read tweets where another fan said, “You’re right Avenged Sevenfold, It is my f–king nightmare, it is anytime I have to hear one of your awful rip offs of 90’s era Metallica.” Watch the video below for all the Tweets the band read that fans meanly tweeted out.


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