Watch Anthony Key Teach ‘American Idol’ Judges Dance Moves To BTS’ “Dynamite” On ‘American Idol’

Anthony Key may not of had a great voice but he definitely had a great personality.

The 27-year-old DJ from Indiana auditioned for American Idol with BTS’ smash hit single “Dynamite,” which prompted a choreographed dance similar to what the k-pop boy band does during their live shows.

Following his performance, Idol judge Katy Perry asked the other judges to join her, while Key taught them how to do the dance routine.

“Lionel [Richie] why don’t you join me, Luke [Bryan] why don’t you join me,” Perry said. “So, I was just wondering if you can teach us a couple of those moves.” 

“Yes, I choreographed it myself,” Key replied before Perry chimed in “I thought you did, I purple heart you.”

Bryan then danced and sang along to the BTS hit before the three Idol judges broke out in dance with Key.

“Luke I want you to really apply yourself, you need to be serious,” Perry joked.

Key taught the Idol judges to perfect their choreography to the song.

“Lionel’s doing the smooth criminal,” Bryan added.

“It’s obvious that you have people you look up to from the boy bands to BTS, you are a part of that army, which is great,” Perry said. “I think you’ve studied all of them and it’s become this kind of melting pot of you, and I don’t exactly know who you are in that mix.” 

“I wish at some point in your career you could’ve gotten involved in some of these massive tours with dancing,” Bryan said. “That seems like a big passion and something you can still go after but the strength of the vocals wasn’t what I was looking for.”

“Anthony I think that the entertainment business and there’s something in there for you,” Richie added. “Choreography, dance your way to heaven my friend but from a lead vocalist point of view, out front guy, I don’t know.”

He did not earn a golden ticket to Hollywood but they did tell Key to continue pursuing what he is destined to do and that’s dancing.

Watch the audition below.

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