Flo Rida, Walker Hayes; Photo Courtesy of Monument Records
Flo Rida, Walker Hayes; Photo Courtesy of Monument Records

Walker Hayes Shouts Out Applebee’s & “Fancy Like” In New “High Heels” Duet With Flo Rida

Walker Hayes has stepped outside the country music genre to join forces with a rap star. The Alabama native has teamed with Flo Rida on a brand-new track called “High Heels.” The song is the follow-up to Hayes’ “That Dog’ll Hunt.”

Co-penned by Hayes with Breyan Isaac, Daniel Majic, Dre Davidson, Fraser Churchill, Meron Mengist, and Sean Davidson, and produced by The Monarch and Majic, “High Heels” features the signature happy-go-lucky whistling that can be found in many of Hayes’ tracks. Meanwhile, a danceable beat captures and holds the listeners’ attention as the two artists showcase their contrasting vocals separately before joining together in the chorus.

Lyrically, the tune gives listeners a glimpse into both of the celebrities’ backstories as they respectively recount the struggles they faced before becoming famous. On the flip side, they also share how they’re completely satisfied and feel “blessed” with what they already have in their lives.

Flo Rida takes the lead on the song, singing the opening lines.

I wake up like a billion dollars in the morning / I pick and choose from twenty cars on Mr. Foreigns / I’ll take my whisky neat to hide my mixed emotions / And they don’t got a clue,” he sings as the tune continues to build into a joyful ode to contentment.

Hayes, meanwhile, owns his verse and doesn’t shy away from sharing some personal details of his own life that reflect his road to success. Fans will notice some familiarity in Hayes’ lines as he namechecks “Fancy Like,” and “Applebees,” during his parts.

I almost got that GRAMMY, but I guess they don’t do fancy like me,” he sings, taking the second verse, “but it’s ok, I got low miles on my Prius, rollin’ down the road with Jesus, and my food at Applebee’s is for free.”

My life is like parties oversleep / Monkey in the middle of my money and my dreams / My life is like high heels on the beach, perfect on the surface but I’m sinking underneath / You know my life is like / You Know, life is priceless / There’s pressure but, I guess pressure make diamonds,” Hayes and Flo Rida sing, combining their vocals on the chorus of the song.

“High Heels” marks Hayes and Flo Rida’s first-ever collaboration. But, Hayes is a perfect candidate for delving into the world of rap and hip-hop since he’s known for talking through lines on many of his catchy songs, including the fan-favorite hit “Fancy Like,” as well as songs like “AA” and his more recent, “Y’all Life,” which offers a nod to rapper Nelly’s “Country Grammar.”

Hayes has been duetting with various artists as of late. He recently released a collaboration called “Jesus Fault” with Christian artist Zach Williams. In June, he also teased a potential collaboration version of “Y’all Life” with Nelly.

“I’m sure there will be a version featuring [Nelly] in the foreseeable future,” he said while guest-starring on Gunner and Cheyenne On Demand.

Hayes, who released his third album, Country Stuff The Album, earlier this year, is currently playing shows as part of his headlining Glad You’re Here Tour. The trek, which features direct support from Parmalee, launched on Sept. 29 and currently goes through Nov. 12.

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