Wage War Release Acoustic Version of “Johnny Cash”

WAGE WAR are celebrating Valentine’s Day with a musical gift for fans. The Florida band has dropped the “stripped” version of “Johnny Cash,” the original of which appears on its latest album Deadweight, available now via Fearless Records. It’s available for purchase at iTunes + streaming at Spotify.

Exorcising raw emotion with each chord and chorus, this intimate performance displays a side of Wage War like you’ve never heard before. Living up to its name, the song holds incredible significance to the band, which is why Wage War opted to lay it bare with this unique and impactful version.

Johnny Cash means a lot to me personally,” stated guitarist/vocalist Cody Quistad. “It’s a song about devastation in the ultimate form of heartbreak. It’s been moving to play live and see how many people truly connect with the song. As backwards as it seems to release a version of this song on Valentine’s Day, I feel like it’s something that will resonate with a lot of people and help them get through whatever situation they may be in.

He furthered. “I’ve always loved Johnny Cash — not only as a musician, but as a writer. His lyricism is timeless and his songs are a staple to all walks of music. Being a fan of country music, I really wanted to incorporate something from that part of my life and tie it all together in something that hopefully reaches people the way his music reaches me.

Meet another side of Wage War now.

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