Wage War Chats about Forthcoming Record Deadweight, “I Feel like we spent a lot more time on this record making it”

Wage War sat down and chatted with PopCultureMadness.com‘s partner TheRockRevival.com at Rock On The Range to chat about their latest album Deadweight coming out August 4th and their debut album, Blueprints. The band said “I Feel like we spent a lot more time on this record making it, making it a band effort. Our first record we have like two week to record.” about their forthcoming record Deadweight, which as mentioned will be out on August 4th.

“We have our debut album, Blueprints out right now, then have our album Deadweight coming out August 4th. We currently have two singles out right now, “Stitch” and “Don’t Let Me Fade Away” and we actually played both of those today. One I would say is on the heavier side of what we do and then the other is more melodic, we try to cover our basis there, I feel like that is part of who we are as a band as not to limit ourselves to one thing or the other.”

Check out the full interview below.

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