VRSTY Drops Brutally Honest New Song, “Neon” (Song Review)

If there’s one thing that can be said about VRSTY, it’s their ability get people talking. Based in New York City, the guys are not strangers to playing numerous sold out shows and opening up for bands like The Plot in You, Dayseeker, Picturesque, Slaves and Like Moths to Flames. After numerous lineup changes, VRSTY has proved that 2018 will be the year for them to shine. Certainly a lot different than previously released singles such as “I, Lucy” and “Promises, Promises”, the newest single “Neon” is a bit more controversial and their heaviest to date. Building anticipation for their debut album BLCK, “Neon” gets brutally honest with listeners.

The song begins with powerful guitar chugs and clapping samples leading upto singer, Joey Varela’s aspirate vocals. Commonly writing about real life experiences, the lead vocalist sings in a breathy manner alongside some bone chilling rap-like verses paired with passionate R&B-inspired clean vocals, surely not shy of using vulgar language. The incredibly energetic and percussion-soaked chorus features a heavy bass line and powerful  “I’ve been waiting” screams from Javy Dorejo coordinated with “nobody likes it when you tell the truth” breathy vocals. The articulate relationship between the clean vocals and screams interact in a way making for a harmonious relationship.

Guitarist Evan Rhind demonstrates his adept playing skills providing depth, detail, and might with the remarkably catchy guitar riffs. Drummer Maliek Birkett displays his abilities with a constant tempo all throughout, creating wonderment and shock to listeners with his immense yet, precise and powerful attack, especially during the breakdown.

Being greatly inspired by life events, the seamless blend of hip hop, trap, and post-hardcore elements don’t stray far from the band’s signature style that fans have come to love. Frequently referring to young love, depression, anxiety and struggles with faith in their songs, VRSTY continues that trend with passionate, genuine and meaningful lyrics. Stay tuned for the “vivid” single “Neon”, set to be released on Friday April 27th alongside a music video. Listen to the single here. 

Music Mayhem rating: 5 out of 5. 

Check out the banger below:


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