Volumes – Erased (Song Review)

‘Erased’ was one of the singles released from Volumes’ newest album No Sleep which was released July 15, 2014 via Mediaskare Records. This song seems like a track that is ‘musically conflicted’, for lack of a better term. While the balance between cleans and uncleans is fairly even, musically something is just slightly off. The chorus, with heavy instruments and unclean vocals almost seems to clash with the relatively mellow sound and clean vocals of the verses. Don’t get me wrong here, separately all of these elements are wonderful, but together it just doesn’t tickle my fancy. 9/10 times I adore screams in what are considered “softer” songs, this is that 1/10 for me. I’m not going to pick this song apart and say it’s horrible, it’s not! It’s decent, but doesn’t exactly please my ear holes. It was suggested, by a fan, that if this song had been just an instrumental it would have been interesting. Fan reception to the song is generally positive and there’s a handful that feel as I do (and of course there’s ones that hate it). Many fans are liking the direction that Volumes is going in, which is wonderful!

Rating: 3.5/5: I wasn’t really a huge fan of this track. I listened to other tracks off the album and this one just isn’t my favorite. It has good elements, but together they just don’t sound right to me. The rest of the album, however, I like very much and I suggest you check it out!

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