Vans Warped Tour Makes Statement on My Chemical Romance Reunion Possibility

There has a been rumors circulating the internet for months since the first announcement about the final cross-country trek of the Vans Warped Tour in 2018 about the possibility of getting My Chemical Romance to reunite for the final trek. There was even a petition to get MCR to reunite for the final Vans Warped Tour.

Well, Vans Warped Tour has finally made a statement public on the topic of My Chemical Romance possibly reuniting for the tour telling a fan on Twitterlet’s just set the record straight, we are not reuniting and we’re not okay about it we’re not o-fucking-kay our hearts are broken too… and it’s valentine’s day” in response to a fan with the Twitter handle @ saying “If anyone can get and the rest of back together for a reunion tour on the last , can.”

Vans Warped Tour later saying “damn takes a lot for you to spend like $50 you realize if MCR does reunite tickets will be $100+ easily” to  in response to the fan saying “As much as I love this is why I havnt bought tickets yet I’m waiting until march 1st so I can see if is playing because that’s the only way I can convince myself to spend the money.” Vans Warped Tour continuing to tell the fan “if a band like MCR joined the tour they would charge the event a TON of money to play, which means the only way the event could break even or make money would be to raise ticket prices. Bigger acts = higher price tag, it’s just economics.”

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