Vannon Release Lyric Video for “I Come To Destroy”

Oakland heavy metal band, Vannon, just released their apocalyptic inspired 12-minute track, “I Come to Destroy.” off of their progressive rock, doom metal album, Desert of Our Dreams.

With this album, the band aimed to create a different sound than they’ve done in the past. “We whipped out some new songs, repurposed some old ones, took a few pictures on a gray day and reentered our lair to demo what we had. Then the world stopped,” Vannon shared.

“The landslide of biological inevitability took our hopes, our bald-faced crying at the sky, our tiny trajectories and pulled out their mutual rugs of relevance. As horsemen of the apocalypse rode in, we made a record, knowing it might be a final document of our time on earth,” they shared.

And that’s how their new album emerged, creating their “weird” symphony of end-time living album, mixed sharp and hallucinogenic.

With lyrics like, “You think that now at the end there’s time to beat the odds / You can choke upon the nails and never know the reason why,” and “We try to shake it off / Dance through breaking pain / Our heart of fire erupts / I think I’ll play again,” you can feel the end of the world vibes that we we mentioned, backed up by some dark and mesmerizing instrumentals.

If you’re into bands like Gojira and Soundgarden, you might love this track.

Watch the music video for “I Come to Destroy” below:

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