UPDATE: Sources Claim All That Remains’ Guitarist Oli Herbert May Have Been Murdered, Instagram Deleted

Earlier this week we released an article detailing the investigation by police and fans alike surrounding All That Remains’ guitarist Oli Herbert sudden death via drowning in a pond nearby to his house. Sources say that the guitarist may have been murdered as details aren’t adding up as as the days continue to go on since his passing, more details have been arising where police are now considering his death a ‘foul play.’

Fans have created a ‘Justice For Oli Herbert‘ Facebook Page to post updates, details, and concerns regarding newly found news surrounding his death. In the latest updates, Herbert’s Instagram was mysteriously deleted yesterday (Nov. 16th) and fans are blaming his soon to be ex-wife for the deletion of the account.

State police are treating Herbert’s death as suspicious at this point and The Eastern District Major Crime Squad Unit is investigating the situation. Sources told the Hartford Courant investigators are compiling a timeline of Herbert‘s last 24 hours, reviewing his medical history and searching for people who may have been in contact with him on or before October 16 when his body was found in Hydeville Pond, on his own property at age 44. Herbert was reported missing by his soon-to-be EX-wife, Elizabeth Herbert. 

If you have any information regarding Oli’s activity; his whereabouts, conversations, plans, routine activities or any other information please contact the police (1-860-896-3237) or us here on the JFO page. As we previously reported, it seems that several sources close to Herbert and the case have revealed that Herbert’s death may not have been accidental at all, but he have actually been murdered. These claims are still being investigated for validity, however there is definitely some strong evidence that points towards Herbert’s widow and an accomplice playing a role in his untimely passing.

In a Facebook post, Herbert’s wife Elizabeth wrote that she had received a toxicology report from the medical examiner which stated, “Oli was apparently self-treating for manic-depression that has run in his family for several generations, Anti-depressants were found in his system, as well as a sleep aid.” She also wrote that she canceled a memorial service in Worcester and issued a plea for anyone with information on where her husband may have gotten his drugs to call state police. As far as why the memorial service was canceled, concern for my personal safety and home due to numerous threats to both is the reason. If anybody knows where Oli was getting the psych meds, please call Troop C.”

The couple has been married for 14 years and have lived in Stafford Springs since 2014.

All That Remains’ members have said publicly that Herbert’s death is a mystery and are “shocked” because he wasn’t known to do drugs or drink excessively. In a recent interview All That Remains’ frontman Phil Labonte said, “I was shocked. He was 44 years old, and he wasn’t really a big partier, He would go hang out with people and stuff, but he didn’t really do a lot of drinking. … He didn’t do drugs, he didn’t really drink a lot.”

Read more about this story as it continues to develop below: 

Sources Claim All That Remains Guitarist Oli Herbert May Have Been Murdered

We will post updates as they continue to come…

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