UNDERØATH electrifies at The SØLD ØUT Electric Factory on the REBIRTH tour


On April 16th, 2016; UNDERØATH brought their Sold Out Rebirth tour into Philadelphia’s Electric Factory with Caspian opening up the show. Performing their two most popular albums, They’re Only Chasing Safety and Define The Great Line in their entirety, the show proved UNDERØATH is back and in my opinion better then they have ever been. Caspian opening up the show aforementioned were a great beginning to the show as they had that grungy rock sound but no vocals and 100% instrumental which is unusual in the rock music scene but a pleasant difference. They shredding through their brief set which I wish was longer as I really appreciate their sound. Caspian played a very moody set with no front lighting to show themselves but illuminated from behind showing their sillouhette on stage as they performed. All of their songs averaged about 4-6 minute range, the layering in these songs was hypnotic. While a few moments during their set were heavy, their music is certainly dark and often haunting. Even the  softest moments carried an edge to them. If you can get into instrumental bands, Caspian is an amazing starting place. You will not regret listening to them as they put on an incredible live show and their sound is very unique, haunting and filled the energy. 

Although many people never thought this day would come where they would be able to say they are going to see Underoath’s original lineup with Aaron Gillespie and Spencer Chamberlain, It was happening tonight at The sold out beyond capacity Electric Factory and fans were ecstatic about it and very anxious to fill into the venue as hundreds were waiting in line for hours prior to the show. After getting in and claiming a spot on the barricade and jamming with Caspian for about 30 minutes it was finally time for that moment we have all been waiting for in Philadelphia, UNDEROATH.  As the stage lights began to flutter and flash Aaron Gillespie was seen standing with his fist in the air at his drumkit and then Spencer Chamberlain and the rest of Underoath commanding the stage. Underoath put on an explosive performance that no one in attendance will soon forget and with their flawless performance and extraordinary light show, I would have to say they are one of the BEST live performing bands I have ever seen. Their sound live is even better then it was recorded. There was a sense of this being monumental: a band who helped create and shape an entire genre, performing again after a rocky breakup. For many, myself included, it was the first opportunity to see Underoath, something assumed wouldn’t happen when the band originally split. Frontman Spencer Chamberlain was an absolute maniac, dashing around the entire stage and I do mean entire stage. Underoath set their drum kit / amps up as far back on the stage as possible to give the most room to perform and run around. Guitarist Timothy McTague and James Smith stayed to their respective sides of the stage, but they leapt front and center when the time came for their riffs and solo’s, while bassist Grant Brandell and keyboardist Christopher Dudley were both extremely active, spinning and jumping their way through the nearly 2 hour long set. Drummer Aaron Gillespie pounding on the drums like a psycho and belting out the lyrics while doing so which to me is a talent in itself to be able to drum and sing at the same time. The crowds energy kept building over the night and there wasn’t a minute of time that they weren’t screaming the lyrics along with the band or dancing, moshing, crowd surfing to their incredibly flawless music. 

Overall, Caspian & Underoath put on a show that you NEED to see and one that will be called historic as its a comeback return tour for Underoath and they sound better then they have ever sounded as well as better then the 2 records that they played in full’s original recordings. Get our and see Underoath on this Rebirth tour as you need to and this will be a huge part of this genre’s music history! 

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