Underoath Astounds Fans with New Single “On My Teeth” (Song Review)

Underoath demonstrated the most outstanding comeback to date with their genius marketing strategies after recently releasing various clues such as a billboard, posters, mass text messages, and a secret domain to promote their resurgence and their new song “On My Teeth”. The track was released on February 22nd, 2018 alongside an energetic performance video, which is set to be a part of their album Erase Me to be released via Fearless Records on April 6th, 2018. The album is Underoath’s sixth studio album and the first new release since Disambiguation in 2010.

The shrill of invigorating electronic samples starts off the song vigorously with a colossal build up of rhythmic and energetic drums. The drums make a brief pause while the dramatic glitchy effects prepare listeners for Spencer Chamberlain’s grand entrance of vocals. The lead singer screams “Let’s get this straight. I’m fine without you. I’m not your f-cking prey.” The background electronic beats awaken memories to earlier albums such as Disambiguation, Lost in the Sound of Separation, and Define the Great Line, which featured similar electronic samples. Despite Aaron Gillespie taking a slight backseat with his clean vocals, the few clean vocals that are heard throughout the percussion-soaked and energetic chorus is reminiscent of older records. Many have also speculated that Chamberlain’s screams have evolved into less “throaty” ones.

The lyrical content of the new track is in strong contrast to older songs that proclaimed the band as a Christian band. The profanity that was used for the first time in Underoath’s career may come as a shock to fans. In an Underoath documentary “Tired Violence”, Chamberlain stated “We’re just a band. Same hearts. Same people. We are just not a Christian band anymore. It just made it easier…to exist.” Despite the band announcing they were not a Christian band anymore back in 2015, the band certainly substantiates that change further in the new track. The song certainly affirms that idea of “getting over what you believe”. Fans may be divided about the shift in lyrical content, album artwork, and themes. “On My Teeth” successfully depicts the outcome belief systems may bring such as betrayal, vulnerability, anxiety, and rivalry. Overall, Underoath stunned fans with the release of their newest song. Although risky, the songs provides for a cohesive blend of elements. Being that the song is heavy, at no point do the instruments and vocals compete with each other. The endlessly playable track is exhilarating and MUST be played loudly. A new, louder, heavier, more mature, and rebuilt Underoath is back. Preorders for the new album are available now at http://launch.underoath777.com/preorder

Music Mayhem Rating: 5 out of 5.

Check out the invigorating music video for “On My Teeth” below: 

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