Sometimes you want a break from music and to get stuck into a video game instead
Sometimes you want a break from music and to get stuck into a video game instead

Ultimate Video Games for Music Lovers

Listened to that record so many times that you fancy a change? Been playing guitar until your fingers bleed? Just want something to do whilst you spin that song for the hundredth time? You need a great video game. Some are aimed at musicians, some at those who appreciate a great soundtrack, and others at the music industry strategists out there. Whichever group you fit into, these are the best games for people who eat, sleep, and breathe music.

Jammin Jars

Sometimes you need a game that you can play quickly, pick up and put down. For those who aren’t quite ready to waste an entire day on a video game, this might be the answer. If you’re into the likes of Candy Crush, or Bubble Blast, but have always thought it lacked a bit of a disco feel, then Jammin Jars is going to be right up your street. This game works on the same blasting blocks principle, but with cute fruits that link up the Jammin Jars. The theme music is upbeat and funky, perhaps not enough to get you up and dancing, but definitely enough for a meaningful toe tap. If you want to play then you can find Jammin Jars at Wildz.

Guitar Hero

We were never going to get all the way through a countdown without mentioning Guitar Hero now were we? This game sparked an entire trend for games that allowed you to be the musician. Some guitarists hate it, for simplifying the struggle of learning an instrument; others love it for allowing people to rock out to their favorite songs with no prior knowledge. It’s divisive, but most of the best things are. Playing with a special guitar-shaped controller, you can choose from a selection of expansion packs designed to reflect your music tastes. It’s a good fun game, that you can totally enjoy on your own, but is even better with a bunch of friends to cheer you on.

Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker

This title refers to a series of games, but the one we’re focusing on today is the release for the SEGA Mega Drive. This game was an unashamed promotion of Michael Jackson’s upcoming tour, but it still holds up today. Fans of retro gaming will love this one for its all-out stylized graphics and tinny but memorable soundtrack. There are four separate levels and, during each, you need to find Katie from the movie which the game is based on. You play as Jackson, performing hilarious high kicks as your primary combat move. Oh, and you can moonwalk too, of course. Silly, kooky, bonkers are all words that could easily describe this game, but if you’re a Jackson fan, or need an excuse to bust the SEGA Mega Drive out, then here it is!

The Beatles: Rock Band

There have been many iterations of The Beatles, but the makers of Rock Band might have produced the best ones.
There have been many iterations of The Beatles, but the makers of Rock Band
might have produced the best ones.

The music industry has certainly inspired plenty of games, of which Rock Band is one of the best. There have been loads of spin-offs of this successful game, but perhaps none as utterly brilliant as The Beatles: Rock Band, which allows you to play on stage with the band themselves. The creators have carefully made sure to be respectful in their renderings of the guys. The band always look kind, perfectly coifed and, of course, play their instruments flawlessly. It’s up to you to learn the songs, keep up, and not let the guys down. There are forty-five songs to make your way through, so there’s potential for a lot of playtime, particularly if you aren’t already familiar with the Rock Band setup. If you want to feel those 60s vibes then you couldn’t find a game much more perfect than this one.

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