Tyler Booth Talks Brantley Gilbert’s ‘Kick It In The Ship’ Cruise, Country Music Inspirations and More

Kentucky native, Tyler Booth was raised around music and the struggles of being in a band, allowing him to hone his craft for years, which shows within his voice, performances, and his ethics. His voice first caught the attention of one…


Andrew Wendowski


Posted on September 24, 2019

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Kentucky native, Tyler Booth was raised around music and the struggles of being in a band, allowing him to hone his craft for years, which shows within his voice, performances, and his ethics. His voice first caught the attention of one of Nashville’s finest songwriters, Phil O’Donnell. O’Donnell heard Booth’s smooth baritone vocals with his identifiable southern drawl roots and immediately knew that he found a young artist worthy of his time. Since O’Donnell has become a mentor and friend to Booth. Booth recently released his first EP, self-titled, in which O’Donnell and Booth chose six song that showcase Booth’s unique voice but still allowed him to be himself. For example, “Hank Crankin’ People” is a song that Tyler immediately identified with and it has quickly become an anthem to those in attendance at his shows. His youthful side is allowed to shine on, “If We Make It To Mexico”, as well as “Ready To Raise It.” Tyler’s tender side takes the spotlight on “Surrender”, a ballad penned by Tyler himself.

Firmly planting his feet in the old stomping grounds of superstar country artists like John Michael Montgomery, Montgomery Gentry and George Molton, Tyler has made a name for himself as a must-see artist at the famed Austin City Saloon. His ticket is a hard one to come by and his journey is just beginning. Booth is performing on Brantley Gilbert’s upcoming 2nd annual ‘Kick It In The Ship’ cruise sailing from Miami, FL to Cozumel, MX from November 4-8 and we had the chance to sit down with Tyler Booth to discuss his roots, music and the upcoming cruise experience. This is Booth’s second time performing onboard the ship.

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Could you tell us a bit about yourself and your music and how you got started in country music?
I grew up in the hills of Southeastern Kentucky listening to Black Label Society, Five Finger Death Punch and my dad’s rock band Stitch Rivet. They did pretty well regionally and toured around with bands like Bobaflex and Stereoside. I’d keep their guitars tuned for them and pick up on the rifts they were playing when I was a kid. I got into writing songs when I was about 14 or so. I loved the stories that Chris Knight told in his songs and found it as a way to express myself, I guess. Then Jamey Johnson, I discovered his Lonesome Song album and had to figure that out, then that got me into Waylon, Kristofferson and so on. Y’all ain’t got time to read a book I’d say, So I’ll leave that story right there. Haha!

Who are some artists that inspire your music?
I listen to everything, I love it all.  Good music is good music, I listen to a lot of artist’s music, right now I’m listening to the Chili Peppers. I grew up in Eastern Kentucky in a little town called Campton. It’s sort of between Sturgill and Stapleton. Really don’t think I sound much like them musically but I guess they inspire me in other ways. Like it’s possible you can make it out of the hills as a singer/songwriter if you work your ass off.  It’d be cool to write some songs with em, bet those would be cool melodies. Now that’s really inspiring to think about.

Coming up in November, you will be headed out on Brantley Gilbert’s ‘Kick It In The Ship’ BG Cruise traveling from Miami to Cozumel, Mexico on a 4-day cruise for the 2nd time around. What are you most looking forward to onboard the cruise this year?
Getting to hang out with all the cruisers. Last year, I met people on the cruise that have become personal friends. Brantley has some of the best people following him. That big boat is only so big so ya run into people all the time. It’s like you get to vacation with a bunch of people that all have the same love for music and Brantley’s fans are just good people.

What can fans expect from your performance on the cruise?
A lot of energy, y’all know what to expect. It’s going to be rowdy.

What will you be doing in Cozumel, Mexico when the cruise docks there for the day?
Just chilling and hanging out with the cruisers, not interested in winding up in some Mexican jail so gotta behave myself.  I’ve not been to the beach all year, I’ve been working 7 days a week on music. It’s time.

The BG Cruise has a few theme nights, which one of those nights is called the ‘Redneck Yacht Club,’ What redneck yacht club attire will you guys be wearing?
I think I’m always dressed appropriately for this, but I’m sure I can find some way to make it a little more obvious.

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There are a lot of unique activities on the BG Cruise like flip clip tournaments, bowling with Brantley and more, will you be participating in any unique experiences while on the cruise?
Yeah, just about anything I’m not too hungover to attend. Just got to remember to pace myself a little bit y’all. The fun times can overwhelm ya. Think big picture. Haha

What would you say is 3 of the most memorable moments on the BG Cruise the first year you were onboard?
1. Brantley, he’s one of the best people you’ll ever meet. He’s the real deal and the way he treats people is a good example for others to follow.
2. Y’all made me feel special at the meet and greets. The hours I spent meeting the cruisers and getting to chat was special. Can’t wait to see them this year.
3. Michael Ray pulling me up on stage to do “Outlaw Women” during his set. He’s a great guy, super talented and humble. He’s out there kicking some ass these days, congrats MR. You deserve it brother!

Anything else you’d like to say about yourself or the cruise? Where can fans find you online?
I can’t wait to go on vacation with y’all again this year!  It’s going to be even better than last year!  Y’all come see me at some shows and we’ll hang in the meantime. Thanks for having me again Brantley. Y’all say hi to me on Instagram @tylerboothmusic.

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