TWITTER BATTLE: Fronzilla of Attila vs. Ronnie Radke of Falling In Reverse

We all know that Ronnie Radke of Falling In Reverse & Fronzilla from Attila have quite an interesting hatred towards each other seemingly since Attila’s “Callout” single released back in 2013. Since then the two have not seemed to have gotten along, with the exception of them touring together back in 2015 on the ‘Supervillians tour’ that Attila supported for Falling In Reverse. Its seems the two still have some beef together after their recent twitter battles, which have just been some back and forth banter this week which started 4 days ago.

The twitter battle started with Fronz of Attila’s motivational twitter saying, “I am living proof that you can DO WHATEVER you want, SAY WHATEVER you want, and still become successful. Moral of the story- Be yourself & keep it real. The fakes never make it. The moral is- Don’t doubt yourself, don’t fall into the “trap”, and don’t conform to other people’s standards. If you have a vision and you love what you do, THAT IS WHAT YOU NEED TO BE DOING. END OF STORY.” and Ronnie quoted the tweet saying, “Didn’t you sue a sushi restaurant?.”

Continuing the Twitter beef with Fronz replying, “No, I sued the company that produced the bad tuna, the settlement was minimal though. In today’s terms, that settlement would be about 0.5% of my net worth, Nice google search though,” in which Ronnie Radke replied to him with the original Attila/Fronz line “Suck my f-ck.”

Then continuing the arguments with, Jack Fowler of Sleeping With Sirens joining in replying to a photo of Ronnie Radke wearing no shirt and a pair of black jeans with a Gucci belt holding them up. Fowler saying, “What’s below that Gucci belt papa Ronnie?” with Fronz replying to Fowler saying, “Prolly a BONER.”

Ronnie Radke then saying to Fronz, “Well between the amount of cocaine, fake gangster MTV “I wanna be a model” and “I don’t play my guitar live” I’d assume you’d have enough knowledge to understand that 300 cap rooms, don’t make you main support on 2500-3500 cap tours” (tweet has since been deleted) with Fronz’ replying “I’m so lost, what does this even mean? Lmao” with an almost immediate response of Ronnie Radke saying, “Have someone translate it for you since you can’t read.” 

Fronz’ replying “Dude…. I hit the translate button and this is all it said” with an accompanied GIF that read “You are Garbage.”

Ronnie Radke then replying to Fronz’ tweet with the statement of “Anyone that drives a leased Lambo but wears a Nixon watch is blasphemous. And that is you” and then Radke adding a second tweet in saying “I can end your entire career in one tweet without a callout song. But I choose not to cause you friends would be exposed and I like them so I won’t.” (tweet has since been deleted) in which Fronz’ tweeted back “I miss you” and Ronnie Radke replied “miss you too.” Which then seemingly ended the beef which we can still not figure out if it was a joke and they were just being real with sarcasm and jokes or if they really mean these thing and are beefing.

Fronz & Radke were seen joking on Twitter earlier this week as well with jokes about Ronnie Radke being on Seinfeld but Radke adding in some heat in his response to Fronz’ joke saying, “You’re super late.. we realized this 6 years ago. still waiting for the call out 3 where you diss Willard for stealing your album idea from a tattoo he had on his hand.” A fan then adding in “callout 3 should mention how Ronnie killed a dude,” in which Ronnie Radke responded “That’d be the most gangster thing about the enitre song.”


Check out Attila’s latest single “Callout 2” and Falling In Reverse’s latest single “Losing My Mind” below:

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