Twenty One PilotsTwenty One Pilots, headlining their Emotional Roadshow Tour but making a special stop for a one-off at Radio 104.5’s 9th Birthday Show in Camden, NJ at The BB&T Pavilion which they SOLD OUT in minutes. Their fast rise to success could be from their very catchy songs that conquer the radio or their extraordinary live shows. They have the Emotional Roadshow which is entirely sold out due to their loyal fans who immediately brought tickets which sold out the tour in minutes. Their 21-song set, 95-minute concert consisted of a beautiful blend of their hit songs from BLURRYFΛCE, the bands second studio album released through Fueled by Ramen. Twenty One Pilots, made up of Tyler Joseph and Joshua Dun which creates this talent filled dynamic duo put on one of the best live shows you will ever see from any band. Their set containing everything from disappearing acts, Josh flipping off of Tyler’s piano, Confetti, CO2, Crowdsurfing drum kits, and full of energy. Opening with last year’s Top 30 rock hit “Heavydirtysoul” which has a stage filled with smoke, lasers, catchy sing along choruses and a haunting look to the stage fitting perfectly with the song after a brief intro of “Fairly Local”.  Tyler & Josh dressed to perfection in Red Suit Jacks, White Shirts, Black Ties & Ski Masks (Which came off later in the set). “Migraine,” was next, which TOP played slow, with Joseph on piano colorfully backlit on a very dark stage. Then going into, “Hometown,” which was very dramatic, ended with Tyler Disappearing from the stage and appearing in the back of the crowd. Then playing hits like “Polarize,” “We Don’t Believe What’s On TV,” an Elvis cover of “I Can’t Help Falling In Love,” “The Judge,” and a fan favorite “Lane Boy.” Then dedicating “Doubt” to the late Christina Grimmie who recently got killed in a very tragic event in Orlando, FL at her show with Before You Exit. (Rest In Peace Christina Grimmie)  Even though the music was supplied by recorded tracks playing in the background, while Josh played Drums and Tyler sang with occasionally playing piano, it was very impressive that just two musicians can create that good of a show and still have the fullness to the music like their albums.  Other then just an awesome live show of incredible music, Twenty One Pilots is also known for their visual lightshows and experimental elements like having people take the stage during “Polarize” with hazmat suits and masks on to hype up the crowd or having the CO2 cannons burst some fog into the air for an incredible visual with their forever changing video LCD screen backdrops. Twenty One Pilots then playing a series of cover songs, after they welcomed members of opening acts Chef’Special and Mutemath to play as well as sing along on The Beatles’ “Twist and Shout,” Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On,” on which Dun played trumpet, Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself” (with more trumpet) and House of Pain’s “Jump Around.” All of these covers beyond flawless and at times sounding better then the original songs as the crowds went absolutely insane. Tyler Joseph then getting inside a huge plastic red ball in which he ran around the crowd with during their hit song “Gun’s For Hands.” At one point late in the show, Twenty One Pilots even had stopped mid-song during “Stressed Out” to let security know when a girl fainted in the pit section and he demanded the security to help her up. Then playing their gold hit “Tear in My Heart” which was a strong, very catchy, and the crowd finished its chorus. The show closing out with “Car Radio,” as the ski masks went back on their heads and the CO2 blasted as Tyler Joseph again disappeared from stage and reappeared at the back of the crowd on his usual pillar near the soundboard. Finishing out with an intense encore with “Goner” which was a slower piano and drum driven song with a booming exit. Then closing out the show with “Trees” with just Tyler’s vocals and his piano and the crowd singing along so loud you couldn’t really hear the band singing that is until the song kicked in and finished out with a confetti shower and Tyler Joseph and Joshua Dun rising on top of the crowd with a single SJC drum as they pounded the drums ending their incredible 95 minute set and showing that they were a perfect choice to have headline Radio 104.5’s Birthday Celebration.Check out the rest of their tour dates here: By: Andrew Wendowski Photography (@AWendowskiPhoto)

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