Twenty One Pilots Blurryface Tour Sells Out and Destroys Festival Pier Philadelphia

The Blurry Face Tour Featuring Twenty One Pilots, Echosmith, & Finish Ticket conquered The Festival Pier at Penn’s Landing on September 11th, 2015 with nine thousand people strong; SOLD OUT SHOW. Beginning the night off was energetic members of a band from San Francisco called, Finish Ticket. Their sound was the pop punk of the early 2000’s mixed with their own personal flavor of indie rock. They definitely grasp the attention of the TOP fans in the crowd even the front row fans on the barricade. 

Echosmith #blurryfacetour

 With a flair for self-indulgence, alt-pop band Echosmith; lit their name across the stage, with bright burning bulbs formed to spelled out Echosmith. Dressed to impress, The Sierota Family who makes up Echosmith put on one hell of a show. Their stage presence is very impressive, They put on a show as in if this was their own headlining show. Almost everything they did seemed on-point; Their overall Enthusiasm, The Chemistry they have amongst each other, how they connected with the crowd and more importantly their talent of channeling everything together to put on one entertaining show. Feeding off Echosmith’s stage presence and chemistry, the crowd was singing and dancing their hearts all night long, especially on the band’s latest single “Bright,” during which Sydney whipped out her iPhone and recorded the audience singing the tune’s catchy chorus right back at her. Echosmith ended out their set with their radio-hit and biggest song “Cool Kids.” 

Tyler Joseph of Twenty One Pilots

As the clock neared 9:15 p.m., the crowd’s energy and volume began to rise at a steady pace. When Tyler Joseph and Joshua Dun, better known as the alt-rap duo Twenty One Pilots, took the stage dressed in their signature hoods the roar of the audience rose to jet-engine levels. They started off the show with “Heavy Dirty Soul” during which both Tyler and Josh were wearing masks. Once Tyler started rapping and Josh started drumming, the crowd went wild singing along to every word so loud it could be heard for miles. They then moved on to “Stressed out” followed by “Gun For Hands,” “Migraine,” “Polarize,” and “House Of Gold.” Twenty One Pilots in which we have seen in many different Philadelphia venues from 200 capacity to now their “biggest headliner ever in Philly” as stated by Tyler Joseph. Then saying how much he loves Philadelphia and how it is his “favorite city to play in ever.” TOP put on one incredible show live with extraordinary light shows, confetti, and talented musicianship. Twenty One Pilots has their own unique sound and fanbase that is cultlike. Looking out to a sea of red hats and Twenty One Pilots shirts which nearly every fan in attendance had atleast one piece of TOP merch on. With a heavy and present, yet not overwhelming synthesizer throughout the set, the band had a well-rounded, very danceable sound. On the other hand, they had the diversity in talent to slow down and command vocals, and skill on the piano, in some songs as well. Yes, there were flips and piano-parkour antics from singer-keyboardist Tyler Joseph and drummer Josh Dun. An early part of the evening found the men in ski masks and skeleton jumpsuits before facades were shed. Fans in attendance sang loudly along with the pair’s pounding, piano-driven anthems and the tongue-twisting rap verses. The BlurryFace Tour is 100% sold out all over north america, They are the next “big thing” and will soon be invading your soundwaves with their anthems so give them a listen before you’re forced to hear them! 

Joshua Dun of Twenty One Pilots

“We’re Twenty One Pilots and so are you.”

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