In a tweet that was posted just a few days ago, rapper Travis Scott claimed that he is soon going to apply to the prestigious Harvard University and that he was very excited about the idea of attending the Ivy League school.

The 26-year old rap artist has been quickly rising to fame and is definitely cementing himself in the league of heavy hitters in the music industry, many were surprised that he would want his music career to take a backseat at this time in order to return to school.

Scott, however, is no stranger to Harvard, as recently taught a master class at the school on December 2nd. Perhaps that is what inspired the tweet and the idea of going back to school. No word on exactly what Scott’s planned major would be!

Early last year, Scott did mention some plans to study architecture and considered putting his music career on hold for a bit, despite the tremendous success of his album “ASTROWORLD” which was released back in August and a tour that is selling out venues across the nation. It should also be noted that Scott became a father earlier this year as well, so that too may be a very good reason that he would want to slow down and focus on academics.

Now we just have to wait and see if he actually applied and whether or not he will be accepted!  Fingers crossed for you Travis Scott!

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