TRAPT breaks down “These Walls” at The Chameleon Club in Lancaster, PA!

For those who have been at the Chameleon Club, you know that the stage isn’t exactly the largest, and for the bands that aren’t headlining it’s even smaller since the headliner’s drum set is usually already set up. Though somehow, even with the small stage, Righteous Vendetta was able to put on an unforgettable show. Never before have I seen a lead vocalist with such energy. Ryan Hayes ran around the stage, jumping up and down, and spinning like a madman from the moment the lights came up and they hit the stage. Drummer Zack Goggins constantly wowed the fans with multiple tricks with his drum sticks. Their crowd interaction was constant, it was very evident that this band loves what they do and are amazing at it. I had the chance to talk to some of the members after the show and they were so grateful for all the fans kind words.

I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect while watching Canada based band The Veer Union set up for their turn on stage, but it wasn’t what I experienced. Now of course I mean that in a good way, from lead vocalist Crispin Earl’s stage presence to guitarist Ryan Ramsdell’s energy, they put on a show that I won’t be forgetting for a while. They continuingly mentioned their song “Borderline” being played on Octane and urged fans to keep requesting it to be played. For those into bands such as Sevendust, The Veer Union is definitely a band worth checking out! 

Then the moment had come for Trapt to play, you could feel the tension and excitement build in the crowd as sound checks were done. All members except Chris Brown began their hit song “Headstrong,” the crowd erupting into cheers. Then Chris came out the moment the vocals started and that’s when the atmosphere completely changed for the better. The energy of the crowd mixed with his was incredible. The connection with band and fans was immensely large as the fans sang along with. Drummer Dylan Howard proved that even if you’re stuck confined to one spot on stage that you can interact with the crowd and put on an amazing show. His passion for what he does was so apparent, as he crazily played. They moved on through the night playing hits such as “Hallowman” and “These Walls,” finally closing out the night with “Stand Up”, or so we had thought. The crowd cheered for an encore, and after many minutes they returned to the stage to play one more final song, “Black Rose.” Trapts new acoustic album DNA is set to come out in September and can be pre-ordered on as either a hard copy, which the first 500 sold will be signed, or as a digital copy.

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Photos By: Ali Bollinger (Sinister Phoenix Photography)

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