TORI KELLY's Smile Was UNBREAKABLE at The SOLD OUT Electric Factory

Photo by: Andrew Wendowski Photography 

“To-ri! To-ri! To-ri!” The crowd began to chant as the lights dimmed for Tori’s arrival to the Sold Out Electric Factory Stage on April 25th, 2016. A very diverse crowd there to worship their new favorite pop-star, Tori Kelly. At just 23 years old, pop newcomer and Grammy nominee already works with a solid amount of chart topping singles like “Nobody Love,” “Should’ve Been Us,” as well as her newest single “Hollow.” The effortless talent swirled vibrantly and embellished her lines with ease Monday night, hidden beneath her messy blonde curls. This pop sensation’s Sold Out Electric Factory performance was, from a vocal standpoint, perfect, flawless, and beyond extraordinary.  Her 90-minute set could totally be sold tomorrow as a “Tori Kelly: Live from Philadelphia” live record, with little to no correction that is how perfect her vocals and her band was.  

Kelly opened Monday night’s concert with “Unbreakable Smile,” the title track from her major-Capitol Records label debut released in June titled, Unbreakable Smile. She immediately grasped the crowds attention with the opening song which fans were screaming the lyrics back louder then I have ever heard at any show before. Tori Kelly ending the opening song with a huge smile on her face which was Unbreakable throughout her entire set.  

A beautiful blend of covers surprised the crowd, which she then “dedicated to anyone who’s ever seen a YouTube cover of mine.” These were what first got her noticed, after all, and jump-started her career. Renditions of Justin Timberlake’s “Suit and Tie,” Michael Jackson’s “(P.Y.T.) Pretty Young Thing,” and Frank Ocean’s “Thinkin’ Bout You” were extremely well-received. Her beautifully blended setlist contained songs from her latest album Unbreakable Smile, as well as her second EP Foreword, her 2012 EP Handmade Songs, and also included an incredible tribute to PRINCE as she performed “When Doves Cry.” Then expressing her remembrance of Prince saying “I Love You and May You Rest In Prince.” Nearing the end of Kelly’s set she had an incredible drum battle with her drummer and you would’ve thought she was a drummer as she completely killed the solo she had. Overflowing with talent, she got to showcase all of her talents in one show on one stage that seemed to small for Tori Kelly from her flawless extraordinary vocals, to her guitar and drum skills. She is a star and is going to only make her way to the top even more! Unlike a big star who might have let fame go to her head, she kept saying how grateful she was to be here and you could tell she meant it. You could see her genuine surprise and happiness that the crowd was so in love with her even blushing and covering her face during one of the crowd multiple “To-ri To-ri To-ri” chants. Give this girl a guitar and a microphone, and she’ll bring you to tears & cheers, depending on what feeling she’s working to convey. 

Of course, her biggest hit to date, “Should’ve Been Us,” closed out the show. An Empowering “Hollow” had fans screaming too, a fitting ending to a great night of positivity and power. From Youtube to The Grammys to a Sold Out headlining Tour, This is not Tori Kelly’s peak this is just the beginning of her career. She will be selling out arenas even stadiums on tours to come. However this tour being her biggest tour to date and being it sold out, Tori Kelly is the next huge Pop Sensation! 

Prince Tribute in Philadelphia at The Electric Factory:

Photos & Review: Andrew Wendowski Photography

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