Too Close to Touch Blows Away with New Single “Burn” (Song Review)

Too Close to Touch released “Burn” on January 30th. It is the third and final song of their song series. The trilogy began with “Leave You Lonely” followed by “Before I cave in, which were both released in 2017 via Epitaph Records. The three songs, seamlessly stitched together, revolve around a theme of a toxic relationship, vulnerable states of feeling lost, and having a hard time getting a certain person out of your mind. “Burn” is the perfect song to conclude the three part series. The post hardcore-influenced instrumentals and catchy melodies combined with lead singer Keaton Pierce’s powerful voice provide for a single that gives listeners a chill down their spines.

Burn” begins slow with zither-like sounds and steadily builds up to vocals and percussion. The drums remain at a steady pace throughout the song as Keaton’s soulful voice increases its power and listeners can feel the emotion behind it as he screams “I want to just burn”. The singer’s incredible high pitch vocal melodies combined with the slightly raspy vocal screams intensify the emotion as well as provide life, texture, and essence. The mighty and emotional choruses certainly do not fail to give listeners goosebumps. Too Close to Touch stated in an interview “We didn’t have to conform to any sort of style. We write the music that makes us feel something.” The imperfections and distinguishable qualities in Keaton’s voice, as well as slight Asian influenced string instruments, emphasize the individuality of the band’s sound and certainly make the listeners “feel something” as well.

Too Close to Touch is known for combining melodies with mighty vocals, but they never fail to impress with the emotional and personal lyrics that resonate with fans. For the fans of Sleeping with Sirens, Picturesque, I the Mighty, and Hands like Houses check out their latest studio album Haven’t Been Myself. Hopefully, the release of “Burn” leads to some great news about a new studio album or US tour for 2018.

Listen to “Burn” below:

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