Thomas Rhett sat down with us to discuss his third studio album release, Life Changes. We caught up with Rhett backstage at the Fillmore Philadelphia just prior to him taking the stage to bring a lucky group of fans a very special acoustic set (Live From The B-Stage) that consisted of songs off the Life Changes album.

It was an amazing experience to be able to catch Thomas Rhett in such an intimate venue and fans were already belting out each and every word to the new album, which is a true testament to Rhett’s on-going success as an artist.

We asked Rhett to tell us a little bit about the overall creation process for Life Changes, as we feel this is definitely a deeply personal album for him. He revealed, “The biggest thing we focused on for this album were sounds. If you listen to the album you know there’s sounds from the 50’s and 70’s, with even some R&B influenced songs, along with 70’s rock anthem type of songs. We wanted to focus on getting sounds from that era and trying to make them as true to that era as possible.

The song Kiss Me Like A Stranger is probably my favorite song that we did because I feel like we really nailed the sounds of a 70’s R&B song. This was just a really fun record to make and super diverse!”

You can check out our full interview with Thomas Rhett below:


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