The World Tour Destroys The Electric Factory with a breath-taking show (Night One)

#TheWorldTour (Night 1) 

PHILADELPHIA, PA — On February 14th, 2015 (Valentine’s Day Weekend) The World Tour featuring Pierce The Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, Mallory Knox & PVRIS made their stop in Philadelphia. This was just the first night of what was set to be an incredible weekend of phenomenal music from some very talented musicians. Needless to say, this has been one of the most anticipated tours of 2015 thus far. Tickets to this show have been sold out for weeks prior, not to mention almost the entire tour has been sold out shows. With a line up like this you could only imagine the intense amount fans present hours before doors even opened, we chatted with one fan who was first in the line that wrapped around the venue far beyond the eye could see. She said she had been in line since 9am (eight and a half hours!) and she has been anxiously awaiting to burst through the doors of The Electric Factory to obtain her spot right on the barricade along with the hundreds of other fans awaiting in line. Once the doors opened at 6pm sharp, the mobs of fans flooded into the venue to seek relief from the brutal cold snowy weather in Philadelphia that night, along with getting as close to the stage as possible. 

Starting off this incredible SOLD OUT night one of The World Tour in Philadelphia was PVRIS. PVRIS is a band that has grown quickly over the past several months and couldn’t be more deserving of the opening spot on this remarkable tour package. With a lot of buzz about the band lately, the fans eagerly awaited PVRIS to hit the stage, and when they did the crowd went nuts. PVRIS began their set with “Smoke” off their debut album White Noise released in early November 2014. Vocalist Lynn Gunn was crowd friendly with her hand motions, enticing the crowd to scream and clap so loud her voice could barely be heard during their final song “My House, which was a fan favorite.. PVRIS began the night off on an unbelievably great start. Sadly they only got to perform 5 songs during their 30 minutes on stage which left the fans wanting more. PVRIS is a band to keep on your radar as I can see them on their own headlining tour very soon and this tour was a great boost for them. 

First time visitors to Philadelphia and the U.S. is Mallory Knox, hailing from the U.K. Another band that has been receiving a lot of buzz since entering the U.S. for The World Tour. Mallory Knox’s stage presence beams with confidence, beginning with “Wake Up” off their debut album Signals, which was released back in early January 2013. Vocalist Mikey Chapman was interactive with the crowd, asking them to jump, while also asking them to stop pushing forward for the sake of the people up front. Chapman was all smiles through out their entire set, along with the other guys in the band. They also had an unfortunately short seven song setlist, leaving the crowd wanting more.

Of course, what makes this tour possible is the weight of Sleeping With Sirens and Pierce The Veil – two bands who have become intertwined in recent years, thanks in part to Sleeping With Sirens vocalist Kellin Quinn’s guest appearance on Pierce the Veil’s chart topping 2012 song “King for a Day”. Both bands fan bases growing rather rapidly and their popularity being boosted 

The Sleeping With Sirens crew filled the stage to reveal Sleeping with Sirens’ LED screens and equipment, which was hidden by a black sheet. As that sheet was removed the crowd immediately began screaming without the band even on the stage. As the lights finally dimmed to present their fans with a humorous intro video introducing the band members, As Bassist Justin Hills, Lead Guitarist Jack Fowler, Rhythm Guitarist and backing vocalist Nick Martin, Drummer Gabe Barham & Vocalist Kellin Quinn entered the stage it felt as though the venue was ready to explode from the excitement that filled the already filled beyond capacity Electric Factory. Beginning their energy filled set with their new song “Kick Me” off their highly anticipated new album, Madness, which will be released via Epitaph Records on March 17th, 2015. Kellin Quinn’s charisma on stage is something else and commanded the crowds attention along with the incredible personalities from the rest of the band members interacting with the crowd and each other. Sleeping With Sirens played something for old and new with a mixed setlist between hit songs from their 2010 release of With Ears to See and Eyes to Hear all the way to their new music from their soon to be released album, Madness. A few highlights from their set were definitely their cover of “Iris” originally performed by the Goo Goo Dolls, the unique presence each member of the band has on stage, and lastly their closing songs “If You Cant Hang” & “If I’m James Dean, You’re Audrey Hepburn”. Sleeping With Sirens uses on stage to put on a show you will not forget and leave you wanting more. They have never failed to put on an incredible performance and their fan base continues to grow rapidly as they continue to put out amazing music and put on incredible shows. 

One of the most anticipated bands of the night is up next, Pierce The Veil. As their white curtain with a dark silhouette of a person jumping which symbolizes someone jumping off of the ground that is breaking beneath you which is also presented on their album cover of their 2012 release of Collide With The Sky which was released via Fearless Records. As “May These Noises Startle You in Your Sleep Tonight” played through the venue, the band entered the stage hidden by the curtain as the lights flashed each member’s silhouette flashed onto the curtain and as the beat dropped the curtain collapsed to display the San Diego natives were unveiled going right into their hit song “Hell Above” where confetti bursted upon the crowd and stage. The crowd went absolutely wild and the chaos began. The intense amount of energy within Pierce The Veil on stage is extraordinary. It’s been known for some time now that Pierce the Veil are one of the most exciting live acts to see, as they put on mind-blowing sets. They are a band known to be there for their fans and not as “that famous rock band”, which is evident within their performance. The stage production they have is and always has been breath taking. Bassist Jaime Preciado is a very entertaining performer to watch as he will jump off anything he gets the chance to, along with their very talented drummer Mike Fuentes who is one of the most compelling drummers to watch when performing as he puts on his own little show. Guitarist Tony Perry is another member to watch as he is very interacting with the crowd pointing at them and tossing out Guitar Picks. Last, but not least is lead vocalist and guitarist Vic Fuentes, who puts out his unique exceptionally great vocals and guitar riffs. Pierce The Veil is hands down one of the top 5 bands I have ever seen live between their unique music and the talents, the band has to grasp your attention throughout their entire set and the incredible production put on. This set is all about Collide with the Sky, an album nearing its third anniversary. With a new album in the works, this tour serves as Collide’s victory lap but along with that being said they had a very mixed setlist something for every fan new or old to enjoy. Their set ended with one of their biggest hits Featuring Sleeping With Sirens Vocalist Kellin Quinn “King for A Day” which ended as The band danced off the stage to a musical tune. Look out for their new album coming out sometime this year! 

The World Tour is a tour that we would call a MUST SEE. The World Tour is the music scene of today, featuring star power and buzz worthy bands on the rise. For every naysayer who doesn’t like it, there are at least 15 to 20 fans attending sold out dates across the country and singing along to every song. Like it or not, this is the scene in 2015 and it’s as alive as ever. Judging by the excitement and happy looks on the faces of the fans in the crowd, they had an incredible time. Every band on this tour carry their weight and all have the potential to be chart topping bands with their incredible performances and talent. Keep them all on your radar and lookout for more tours from each of them to come soon!






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