The Word Alive – REAL (Album Review)

The Word Alive REAL Album ReviewREAL. is the third full length album from Arizona rockers The Word Alive. The album was released June 9th in Europe and June 10th here in the United States under Fearless Records. REAL. is the first release with new drummer Luke Holland as well. Frontman Telle Smith said about the album; it is going to contain some of the heaviest songs they’ve written along with some of the most melodic, with no uncleans on some tracks. There were three singles released prior to the album dropping; Play the Victim (March 18th), Broken Circuit (May 13th) and Glass Castle (June 5th). There are also two bonus tracks, Pulling us out of the Grave which is an iTunes bonus Exit Strategy which is listed as a European bonus track. Smith delivered on his promise of the sound from REAL., it is some of the heaviest stuff I’ve ever heard from them, and the cleans are just wow, amazing. Honestly, I feel the singles didn’t to the album justice! As a whole it’s a wonderful album, very well put together and produced. There’s really only one track that stood out to me the most and that was Light House. I can’t tell you why, but something about that song really hit me hard in the gut. Not where i made me cry, but where I just sat there afterwards, kind of staring and just said ‘damn’. Fan reception is fairly split as far as I can tell. You can tell who was into the album for the harder stuff and the ones who were in it for the softer. Which is understandable considering the contrast TWA went with on this album.

Rating: 5/5- Oh wow. I don’t know where to start. This album was just incredible all the way around! I listened to it for most of my work day and couldn’t get enough. Some people don’t like the contrast in the styles they went for; I love it. I love seeing diversity that bands have, be it over time or on a single album-diversity is key in the music industry if you ask me. REAL. exceeded my expectations! I highly, HIGHLY suggest giving the album a listen! REAL. is available for purchase on iTunes, through the band’s website, and also physical copies are available in Best Buy! Get yours today!

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Purchase in store at Best Buy for $8.99 (Limited Time) or FYE. 

Track List
1. Play The Victim
2. Never Forget
3. Broken Circuit
4. Lighthouse
5. The Fortune Teller
6. Glass Castle
7. 94th St.
8. Your Mirage
9. Terminal
10. The Runaway
11. To Struggle And Claw My Way
12. Collapsing


Review By: Raechel Francis (Co Founder/Reviewer of Music Mayhem Magazine)

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