The Used Gives Electrifying Performance with ‘The Canyon’ in Philadelphia

The Used brought their tour with Glassjaw into Philadelphia most delicately beautiful venue, The Fillmore Philadelphia. The Used delivered an impactful performance both with the meaning behind their lyrics which filled the venue throughout the entire 14-song setlist and the powerful statements made by The Used frontman Bert McCracken. The veteran rock outfit recently released their seventh studio album, The Canyon, which they were also able to showcase during their set performing new songs for the first time in Philadelphia including, “Rise Up Lights,” then the infectious single, “Over And Over Again,” “About You (No Songs Left To Sing),” and “The Nexus.” The one song that fans really seemed to love and sing every word back to the band very loudly off this new record was definitley “Over And Over Again.” Launching their set super strong with some of their classic smash hits like starting with “Take It Away” from their album, In Love And Death, continuing with “The Bird and The Worm” from their album, Lies For The Liars, and then “A Box Full Of Sharp Objects” from their self-titled album, The Used. Fans were definitley impressed with their setlist as it consisted of the perfect blend of their hits along with new songs from their latest effort of, The Canyon. The Canyon is The Used’s most touching and emotionally charged record to date, not to mention some of their best work yet.

The band currently consisting of their most solid lineup since they have formed, with vocalist Bert McCracken, bassist Jeph Howard, lead guitarist Justin Shekoski, and drummer Dan Whitesides. Their musicianship and talent on the stage is a force to be reckoned with, They all seem so happy performing and interacting with each other throughout the entire set making for a flawless storm of music filling the venue for a solid 90 minutes. Their set filled with a blend of emotion which really intensified the crowd almost giving fans mood swings between happy, sad, and angry songs. Ending the evening with “the first song” that the have “ever wrote,” exploding into “Maybe Memories,” which is the debut track from the band’s debut record, Self Titled. Check out our exclusive photos from the show below.

“I want to say thank you, thank you very much, for allowing us to follow our dreams for 17 fucking years.” – Bert McCracken of The Used. 


The Used

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