The Straddlerz Release Music Video for “Streets of Love”

The Straddlerz (Michael Reynal and Linda Filippin) are a fun, loud, and bad*ss hard rock/metal duo a self-titled album, The Straddlerz, coming out on January 29th! For them, it all started in 2018 when a friend of theirs booked them a gig in New York, and regardless of their nameless status, they headed towards the show zigzaggin’ down the Bowery. Talk about confidence, right?!

As they straddled (no pun intended) closer to the venue, the name came out of their mouths just in time, and that’s how they got the name, The Straddlerz! Coming from their respective countries, Italy and Argentina, Linda and Michael formed the band because of their mutual appreciation for fun hard rock music and their relatable frustrations with the world around them.

While inspired by the rawness of the past, their music is also inspired by by present day emotions. With lyrics like, “If you want it, if you need it, look into my eyes,” and “What are you fighting for? Take me back to the streets of love,” this boisterous track is one of our favorites on the album. Gotta love those empowering female lyrics!


Between Michael’s guitar solos and Linda’s voice, the duo compliment each other perfectly, both musically and the way they dress. If you saw them walking down the street, you’d 100% know they’re a duo. Their classic rock inspired look is eye catching and just so so cool.

Due to the pandemic bands can’t physically tour, but The Straddlerz are setting up in Italy where they are preparing on how they are going to promote their debut album, despite the challenges that may come their way.

Watch the music for “Streets of Love” below:

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