The Soundtrack of Summer Tour brings the heat to Camden, NJ!
What a better way to start off a 4th of July holiday weekend, then with an amazing rock festival with some legendary bands! On July 3rd 2014, The Soundtrack of Summer tour which includes Styx, Foreigner, & Don Felder which has also been labeled as one of the Top Ten three-act concert tours hitting the road this summer made its way into Camden NJ, at The Susquehanna Bank Center. It came during the WMGK Let Freedom Rock Festival 2014! Opening tonight for Styx, Foreigner & Don Felder was WMGK’s own 2013-2014 House band Musician Impossible, Whom kicked off the night with a cover filled setlist including “Seperate Ways“, “Smokin’“, “Carry on Wayward Son“, “Hold The Line“, “Tom Sawyer“. Ending their set with “Bohemian Rhapsody“. Before going right into Don Felder, A few members of the armed forces entered the stage with a American flag backdrop to perform the National Anthem. Don Felder come on next!

Next up is not only a lengendary guitarist but a former guitiarist of one of the worlds most lengendary bands The Eagles, Don Felder. Don Felder walked onto the stage with his bandmates to a very energentic audience that greeted him with euthusiam as white confetti dusted down upon them. Don then going right into his 10-song setlist that included some Eagles’ classics including “Already Gone“, “One Of These Nights” before going into one of his new releases “You Don’t Have Me” which is an original track off his most recent solo album, Road to Forever. Then going back into an Eagles’ song “Victim of Love“. Don & the band then performed a cover of a Steve Young song titled “Seven Bridges Road”. Before finishing out his set with some more Eagles’ hits including “Witchy Woman” “The Long Run” “Heartache Tonight” & “Life in The Fast Lane“. He then introduced Tommy Shaw & Todd Silverman of Styx out to the stage to help him perform one of the Eagles’ biggest hits “Hotel California” which got the crowd even more euthasiastic as Don showed us his excellent talent & skills as a guitarist using his double neck guitar & as the crowd continued moving before Don exited the stage & the stage lights went dark.

Don Felder Setlist

1. Already Gone (Original Eagles’ Song)

2. One of These Nights (Original Eagles’ Song)

3. You Don’t Have Me

4. Victim of Love (Original Eagles’ Song)

5. Seven Bridges Road (Steve Young Cover)

6. Witchy Woman (Original Eagle’s Song)

7. Heavy Metal (Takin’ A Ride)

8. Heartache Tonight (Original Eagles’ Song)

9. Life in the Fast Lane (Original Eagles’ Song)

10. Hotel California (Original Eagles’ Song) (Performed with Styx members Todd Silverman & Tommy Shaw)

Beforing getting into the review of their set, I want to say their tour bus was set on fire on July 2nd in Philadelphia, PA tour bus parking lot, no one was injured thankfully, & the show must go on!

As the stage then lit up with a moving backdrop of colorful soundwaves and “Won’t Get Fooled Again” by The Who played for the intro, Styx then entered the stage from their paneled light backdrop as the drummer Todd Sucherman appeared first followed by James Young & Tommy Shaw, both on rhythm guitars. Ricky Phillips on bass, just moments before lead vocalist Lawrence Gowan took his position behind the keyboard with a mic entering right into “The Grand Illusion” a track from their seventh studio album. That was the first song off of their great 12 song setlist. Tommy Shaw, James Young & Ricky Phillips all showcased their classic triple guitar walk on stage during “Too Much Time on My Hands” “Fooling Yourself” along with multiple other times throughout the night. Styx then slowing up the night a bit with their song “Lady” which had everyone in the audience singing along all the way from the lawn to the pit. Then entering into “Suite Madame Blue” with backdrop as the Statue of Liberty, making for a very patriotic feel as its the night before July 4th. James Young then requesting the crowd to take out their lighters & cell phones to illuminate (Light Up) the room as “Light Up” was performed with the colorful flashing lightbulbs illuminating the stage upon their background.

Tommy Shaw then telling the crowd “It hasnt been too long since we were just playing in bars & clubs & all this superstar stuff was all just an illusion” entering right into their song “Superstars” which had a very cool backdrop of spinning stars. The Inviting Don Felder back out onto the stage before performing “Blue Collar Man (Long Nights)“. Slowing down the night again with Vocalist/Keyboardist Lawrence Gowan sitting down on a stool at his keyboard to begin a snippet cover of Rolling Stones “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” which was very crowd interactive as Lawrence began the lyrics & the crowd finished them, Lawrence then stating “The elephant in the room, No Not you sir, Someone set our buses on fire & we all survived & are here to sing the classics, but seriously we had enough of the jokes on social media already“, “Oh okay maybe one more joke” going into the song The DoorsLight My Fire” changing the lyrics to “Someone Set Our Bus on FIRE!!” then saying “Lets put the fire out right now & get even higher” going into their hit song “Come Sail Away” as the crowds arms/hands swayed into the air & the crowds voice were louder then the bands just before the stage fading to black as the band exited the stage as their set ended, Crowd then chanting for one more song just then the band made a surprise apperence back onto the stage as the fog flooded through the stage floor for not one but two more songs their two biggest hits “Rockin’ The Paradise” & ending their set with “Renegade” as their finale song.

Styx Setlist

The Who – Won’t Get Fooled Again (as the band entered the stage)

1. The Grand Illusion

2. Too Much Time on My Hands

3. Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man)

4. Lady

5. Suite Madame Blue

6. Light Up

7. Superstars

8. Blue Collar Man (Long Nights)

9. You Can’t Always Get What You Want/Light My Fire

10. Come Sail Away

11. Rockin’ The Paradise

12. Renegade

Foreigner is tonights headliner, as we understand they bands are co-headlining & switching up each night. Foreigner was moments before taking the stage when a voice came on to say “Ladies & Gentleman will you please welcome, FOREIGNER!” just when their name appear in the backdrop in metallic along with their metal looking background, stage & keyboard. Just when Chris Frazier came out and took his position behind his drum kit, followed by Bruce Watson on guitar, Michael Bluestein on keyboards/piano and Jeff Pilson on the bass guitar. Tom Gimbel on rhythm guitar/keyboards/piano/sax, walked onto the stage just moments before frontman & lead vocalist Kelly Hansen then exploding out of the center stage with his mic & mic stand in hand as the fog exploded up from the stage. The crowd then all completely off their feet as Foreigner kicked off their impressive set with one of their biggest hits “Double Vision” then leaving the audience no time to think before going right into another big hit of Foreigners “Head Games“. Kelly then took this brief break opportunity to talk to the crowd “we appreciate your support & we are so thank for the Fire dept of Philadelphia & want to say thank you to the Philadelphia Fire department & will be making a contribution to the Philadelphia Fire Dept Widows Fund, The Question is though can we keep this party going? Let me here you rock & rolling, LETS DO IT” Going right into the next song is a radio classic & fan favorite “Cold As Ice” which Kelly jumped into the audience & ran through various sections of the venue greeting fans in the crowd before returning to the stage to finish out the song. The lighting for foreigner was VERY bright & amazing, with a very unique lighting rig that looked similar to spider legs coming down from each end of the stage.

Kelly has a very awesome stage presence using almost every single inch of the stage making for a very energentic, highly amusing set due to how much Kelly moves on stage to each song, & throwing his microphone stand around like a toy. Lighters & Cell Phones then filled the air as Foreigner slowed things down a bit with “Waiting For A Girl Like You“. Hansen then took a moment to introduce the founding member of Foreigner, Mick Jones, Who walked on the stage with his guitar to perform the remaining songs with the rest of the band. The hits continued to play as “Feels Like the First Time” and “Urgent” were performed. Tom Gimbel’s saxophone skills during “Urgent” were incredible as he strutted across the stage. Foreigner performed “Starrider” & “Juke Box Hero” to finish out the first part of their set before taking a brief break prior to the encore which included “I Want To Know What Love Is“. During this track local students from Cherokee High School Choir joined the band on stage to perform the main chorus. Foreigner closed out their hour long set with their biggest hit & radio sensation “Hot Blooded“. Kelly then thanking the audience for supporting the band & coming to the show during their lengthy standing oviation & breath taking applause before exiting the stage.

Foreigner Setlist

1. Double Vison

2. Head Games

3. Cold As Ice

4. Waiting For A Girl Like You

5. Feels Like The First Time

6. Urgent

7. Starrider

8. Juke Box Hero

9. I Want To Know What Love Is

10. Hot Blooded

With a bunch of amazing songs played by all of these iconic bands in the music industry throughout the night, The Soundtrack of Summer tour completely lived up to its name! Get out & see this tour now, You wont regret it. It brings pleasure to your ears & brings back some amazing classic rock hits!

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