The Relapse Symphony – Savage Eyes (Song Review)

The Relapse Symphony - Savage Eyes Song ReviewSavage Eyes is the latest single from the upcoming debut album Shadows from Washington, DC locals The Relapse Symphony. The album is set for release July 8th via Standby Records. The video for the song was released on Stanby’s YouTube channel on June 9th. Preprder bundles are available on their MerchNow store. The song, in it’s entirety has very much of a new-school punk vibe. The rawness of the older punk sound with a current flavor if you will. Vocally I hear a similarity between frontman Bret Von Dehl and Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins; I can’t pinpoint it, but that’s just what my mind automatically went to. The track is very catchy and easy to follow; it’s fairly short at just less than 3 minutes however it’s chock full of life and spunk! Reception from fans has been nothing short of positive, I wasn’t able to find a single negative comment about this new track! That’s extremely refreshing and encouraging! 2014 seems like its going to be a big year for many ‘smaller’ and ‘unknown’ artists!

Rating. 3.75/5- This track is wonderful, but nothing specifically stands out for me (which is why it’s a little less than a ⅘). Musically I think it’s great, I love that there are more bands that are bringing the punk sound back, vocally, again it’s great! Bret is very talented. Maybe it’s the lyrics that aren’t doing it for me? It just kind of sounds like Bret’s talking about a robot prostitute-I’m probably totally off. Hey, I never claimed to be an expert. Now ⅔ isn’t bad, but I’m hoping to get more out of the next single, as well as the album; hoping another song will grab my attention so I’ll download it and play it a zillion times until I get sick of it. I’m looking forward to see where The Relapse Symphony goes this year, and I’m also looking forward to Shadows (because we don’t judge an album based on the song)!

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