The Relapse Symphony Respond to their drummer Alex Foxx's Departure Statement

As most of you probably know by now, we have parted ways with our drummer Alex Foxx. We have read his statement and regret that things have gotten to this point. There are two sides to every story, and heres…


Andrew Wendowski


Posted on December 13, 2015

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As most of you probably know by now, we have parted ways with our drummer Alex Foxx. We have read his statement and regret that things have gotten to this point. There are two sides to every story, and heres ours. This band started three years ago with JC, Bret, and Alex, and since then every member has given this band their all. We have worked jobs and saved money to be able to tour, we have lost money on tours, ended up in the ER, slept in freezing cold conditions and gotten frostbite, and never made a single dime. This is a labor of love that we all do not for fortune, not for fame, but because music saved our lives and without it we would have nothing. In regards to Alex’s claims that we didn’t pay for anything, they are simply false. Every member of this band has always paid their equal share. When Alex came to us several months ago requesting compensation for money he claimed the band owed him, we agreed to pay it upon proof. Such proof has yet to be provided to us. 

Before this band started touring, JC’s mom and Alex’s father helped us to acquire a van and trailer that we would pay back little by little after each tour. JC’s mom has documented proof of this, and so does Alex’s dad. Alex has taken sole possession of these items and claims them as his own, although he didn’t buy them. His name is on the title of each for insurance reasons, but he has never paid a dime for either of them. Furthermore, Alex stole the band’s merchandise and held it hostage. We have since contacted the authorities and the merchandise company and resolved the merch issue without having to press charges. Because the van and trailer are still in his possession we have gone through hell and back to acquire another touring vehicle to be able to still do Warped Tour for you, the fans. The only reason we do this.  Several months ago we began writing and recording a new record, which is set to release this summer. Alex was not present for the writing or recording of this album, although we made many attempts to bring him into the writing sessions and recording sessions he only showed up three times. We sensed that Alex’s heart was no longer in the band as it once was. We never pursued replacing or even considered firing him. We hoped once we got on Warped Tour his dedication to the band would return. That never happened because Alex quit.  There has been tension building between the remaining members and Alex for some time now. He established a GoFundMe to raise money for his wedding, new home, and medical bills. He never asked any of us if we were okay with him using the band’s name to raise money for his personal gain. We would hope our fans would spend money to support the band’s music and touring, and not personal purchases. When we brought this up to Alex he blew up on us. Since that discussion things haven’t been the same and we feared he would be quitting and leaving us without a drummer for Warped Tour. At that time we reached out to a few friends and asked that if Alex did quit at the last minute, which he now has, if they would fill in so we could still go out and play for our fans. We never considered firing him. We are heartbroken and embarrassed that a conflict with a former friend and brother has now been made public and that so many lies and false claims have been made. We want nothing but to be a band, play music for our fans, and have no more drama. There are many more details we wish we could share to set the record straight, but due to current legal action being taken by the band we are unable to.  We know it is difficult when things like this happen to bands you love and we hope that you will all continue to support Alex in any and all of his endeavors, and that you will still continue to do the same for TRS. We love you guys and we are so sorry to put you through this. We hope to see all of you on Warped Tour.  – Bret, JC, and Ray (statement directly from their facebook)

 Read Alex Foxx’s Statement Here!

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