The Power In Belief – Ice Nine Kills (Song Review)

The Power in Belief Ice Nine Kills Song Reviews‘The Power in Belief’ is the second single released off of the third full length, upcoming album The Predator Becomes the Prey from Boston natives Ice Nine Kills. The album is due for release January 21st via Outerloop Records, an imprint of Fearless Records. This is the second single off the album, the first being ‘Connect the Cuts’. The track kicks right off with the grinding guitar of Justin deBliek with the vocals of Spencer Charnas coming in quickly after. For only being a four-piece band, they are phenomenal. The guitar solo at about the 2:30 mark by deBliek is perfectly placed, and doesn’t over-do it. The entirety of the instrumentals is nothing short of mind blowing. I’m not an expert at any instrument (does the kazoo count?), but these gents deserve a medal for being so talented. Lyrically it’s great. It took me a few listens to figure out what it all meant, even with the lyrics in front of me it took a while for me to process everything. They’re sending a message (wow so specific I know); a message to those who tried to tear them down, who never believed in them, the so-called fans, and the fakes in the industry. This idea is reflected in every single lyric of this song, it’s basically a huge middle finger; “Yet your feeble words can’t break us down – it’s just kerosene on the fuse. Because this is our bar to raise. Fuck all the ‘Pay for praise’”; “We’ll tear off the leeches once sickened by our taste. The sweetness of our infancy they thought was bitterness in haste”; “They’ll come out of the woodwork, crawl in from under the doors. Only to find they’ve been left behind ‘cause we don’t live there anymore”. Those are just a few examples of what I mean. It’s incredibly lyrically sound in structure and composition, maybe even better than some of the biggest names in the game right now. When you put all components together you get one of the most amazing songs that you’ve heard in a while, and with it only being the second single I’m sure there’s more badassery in store.

Rating: 4/5: I remember the very first time I listened to these guys, when they were still just called Ice Nine on myspace, freaking myspace. Some of you might not even be old enough to remember myspace at this point (holy hell I’m old). They’ve made quite a change since the mid 2000’s, and for the better! This is my first time listening to them since probably 2007 and I’m very happy to say they have regained a fan. All in all ‘The Power in Belief’ is amazing, and I’m incredibly glad they’re getting the exposure they deserve. 

You can pre-order The Predator Becomes the Prey via iTunes and get ‘The Power in Belief’ for free. Or you can pre-order through Merchnow at: Buy it on iTUNES right here: Also catch them on tour with Attila this coming spring!

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