The Plot in You Amazes with New Album “Dispose” (Album Review)

The Plot in You is an Ohio-based band formed in 2010. The guys aren’t strangers to being signed by some of the biggest labels such as InVogue Records, Rise Records, and Stay Sick Recordings. In Summer 2017, the guys parted with Stay Sick and made a fitting addition to Fearless Records. Dispose, released on February 16th, 2018 is the first LP put out via Fearless Records. The album is the band’s fourth studio album and certainly emphasizes the band’s progression and maturity of sound with the variety of tenacious tracks.

The synth instrumentals in the beginning of “Not Just Breathing” gives off an oldies vibe that would be appropriate for an episode of Stranger Things. The steady drums and gentle guitars build up to the passionate and emotive vocals. Landon’s sings “she only cares about the way she looks” in a breathy, soft, and slightly raspy manner. The spine shivering pause at the end of the song is exactly what listeners needed to hear to “feel” and prepare for the last chorus.The dramatic start of “One Last Time” gets right to the punch with string instruments and hard drums yet pleasant vocals with echoes of screams in the background. The orchestra-like instruments contrast with the soft vocals, resulting in a favorable combination. “I Always Wanted to Leave” is on the slower side beginning with steady acoustics. Landon excellently showcases his gentle and melody-driven high notes when he sings in a clear falsetto. Listeners shouldn’t be fooled with the mellow instrumentals, lullaby-like piano melodies, and soft singing voice, in “Feel Nothing” the “I feel nothing for you” chorus remains strong. The explosive chorus and slight screams showcase Landon’s excellent way of interchanging between screams and clean vocals seamlessly. “Happy” is an eerie, mysterious, auto-tuned interlude featuring glitchy effects that leads into “The One You Loved”. The track isn’t something listeners would usually expect from The Plot in You, it provides for a completely different listening experience with simple forms and dancey upbeat melodies fused with melancholy country-inspired vocals. Lead singer Landon Tewers emphasizes his compelling clean vocals in songs like “Disposable Fix”. The song is  slow and the melodies flawlessly blend with the singer’s voice. The “ooh ooh ooh’s” and “you you you’s” certainly will leave fans singing along.

Overall, The Plot in You’s Dispose definitely deserves a listen. The instruments are simple but it’s just what fans needed to see the band’s new and evolved matured style. Originally being twenty songs, many of the heavier ones got cut out. It’s unsure how the scaled down screams will go over with long  time Plot in You fans. However, it was a good path chosen by the band.The tracks are still slightly heavy, without the brutal screams, shred-ready breakdowns, and vulgar samples as heard in previous albums. The tracks are mighty, cohesive and leave fans fulfilled. Landon effortlessly showcases his capability of using a different range of vocals to portray very dark, deep and serious themes without the songs even really sounding dark. The Plot in You expands their fanbase by providing a pleasant offering with their latest release. Dispose is weird, different, and diverse yet relatable to fans in its lyrical content.

Listen to: Not Just Breathing, I Always Wanted to Leave, Feel Nothing, and Disposable Fix.
Music Mayhem’s Rating: 5 out of 5.

Check out the incredible music video for “Disposable Fix” below:

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