The Madden Brothers – We Are Done (Song Review)

We are Done’ is one of the first singles from former Good Charlotte members and twin brother Benji and Joel Madden. Hailing from Waldorf, Maryland the boys went from having nothing to multi-platinum success!

This track sounds like it could have come right out of the 60’s! It’s simple, yet poppy and catchy. It will stick in your head long after you finish listening. I can guarantee you will have this song on repeat for about a week. Even though it’s a huge change and a far cry from their GC days, that doesn’t take anything away from the song at all. If anything it adds more; seeing that level of diversity and then being able to pull it off is no easy feat in today’s industry.

I can see this bring a huge summer hit! It’s just got that summer vibe, its chilled out, and all around fantastic. Fan reception has been split, which is what I was expecting. Some fans were expecting it to sound more like Good Charlotte, and are upset it isn’t. Others love it and are embracing the change! Be sure to download “We are Done” on iTunes and Amazon, and be on the lookout for the music video on their YouTube channel; due out soon!

Rating: 5/5– This might be a totally unfair rating, sue me. I have been in love with the Madden twins since their Good Charlotte days. I fangirled over them before I even knew what fangirling was. And when I head the boys had something new, I squealed with joy and my inner 13 year old almost peed herself. Add in the fact they’re from around my hometown? COME ON of course I was ecstatic! While I’ll admit it wasn’t what I was expecting from them as I was expecting something similar to Good Charlotte at first as well, by no means does that change how I feel about this song. I adore it, it’s well produced (they’ve stuck with the same producer for ages), it’s catchy and I can see the boys coming back into the scene full force! I can’t get enough of this track. If you haven’t listened to it, you’re missing out! Check it out now!

“We Are Done” here:

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