The ICONIC Queen Of Pop MADONNA Brings Her REBEL HEART to Atlantic City

Bitch, There is only one Madonna; The 57-Year-Old Queen of Pop made that abundantly evident during a more then two hour stage spectacular last night at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, NJ on The Rebel Heart Tour. The Rebel Heart…


Andrew Wendowski


Posted on October 5, 2015

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Madonna on The Rebel Heart Tour in Atlantic City NJ

Bitch, There is only one Madonna; The 57-Year-Old Queen of Pop made that abundantly evident during a more then two hour stage spectacular last night at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, NJ on The Rebel Heart Tour. The Rebel Heart tour is in support of Madonna’s thirteenth studio album, Rebel Heart release via Interscope Records on March 6th, 2015.

 As the Rebel Heart curtain dropped revealing a quite lengthy video introduction; Madonna then took the crucifix-shaped stage ending with a heart at the tip at 9:30 p.m. the crowd erupted into screams, Descending from a cage of daggers in a red & black Game Of Thrones themed dress, she launched the show with Rebel Heart’s “Iconic” as knights in armor march down the stage and around her, then going into “Bitch I’m Madonna,” showing off an Asian-infused dance routine. The concert then kicking into high-gear as she strapped on her heavy metal guitar and brought the entire crowd to their feet with 1983’s “Burning Up.” The stage then quickly changed back to her unique traits of mixing spiritual and sexual, with Madonna and her dancers slithering on poles in racy nun habits and reenacting the Last Supper with an S&M twist during Kayne West Produced “Holy Water,” then “Devil Pray” and “Messiah.”

The show hits its second section, set in a 50’s themed garage where Madonna and the dancers prance to Body Shop with a car hood with a twirled M imprinted on it as a she gets into some gasoline nozzle fun with her dancers, then giving a shoutout to The Motor City from which she hails. After a quick ride on a stack of tires to the center of the stage she sat upon the pile of tires for a ukulele singalong to “True Blue” in which she shows her often underestimated vocals which shine during this acoustic version of “True Blue” which is the first time she’s performed the song on tour in concert since 1987′s Who’s That Girl? Tour.. From then on, it’s clear that the Rebel Heart tour connects today’s Madonna with the energy and boldness of her earlier days. HeartBreakCity, performed atop a spiral staircase which floated down from above, then morphs into her mid-80s, cover of Rose Royce’s “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore,” before she tears into Like a Virgin, given a 21st-century update lyrically and instrumentally, but performed solo, with all the captivation and aggression with which she infused it when it was first released, unbuttoning her shirt as she kneeled down in front of a fan which had her hair blowing gracefully.  The third section of the show opened with the obvious R rated scene, as dancers played out bedroom passions to a tape of S.E.X., before Madonna charged out to fight jewel-faced demons to the techno soundtrack of “Living for Love,” scalping a pair of horns in Victory at the end. Then bringing out a Mexican themed dance crew with “La Isla Bonita” and “Dress You Up In My Love” with snippets of “Lucky Star” and “Into The Groove” mixed in.

Going acoustic for “Who’s That Girl?,” “Ghosttown” and saying “Before I sing this next song Rebel Heart which is what my life seems to revolve around, I want to thank all of my Rebel Heart Fans for supporting me for over 3 decades.” in which the crowd then erupted into a standing ovation then going right into “Rebel Heart.” Perched on rubber poles and bending with the wind in an astonishing display of acrobatics, the dancers nearly stole the show in Madonna’s absence during another costume change, set to Illuminati’s thumping beats. After a jazz-club rendition of “Music” universal mission statement opened a party-hearty stretch, Madonna stole back the show, updating the choreography of her “Material Girl” music video by sending suited men tumbling down the angled center-stage platform. The elegant stage design, rising from and collapsing into the floor, and serving as both a screen and a playground. Then performing Edith Piaf’s “La Vie En Rose” in french as she sat upon a red curtained stage risen to her height. This infectious night that brought the Atlantic City, NJ crowd to a series of spontaneous, and escalating, standing ovations. Madonna then bringing up long time fan Billy to dance with her and be tonights Unapologetic Bitch as she performed “Unapologetic Bitch” as Billy danced around on the stage with her ending that encore by awarding Billy with a banana in which she shoved into his mouth and told him to eat it. Exiting the stage to a red lit screen that said BYE BITCHES before reentering the stage for her encore “Holiday” in which bursting into a massive party on stage and in the crowd, Madonna dressed in red, white and blue showing her support of the American Flag. 

The Rebel Heart tour is one of the best-choreographed, theatrical shows you will probably ever get to see. Madonna having 3 decades and counting in experience touring and performing she knows how to put on an incredible mind blowing extraordinary show for her fans. The number of stage, outfit and prop changes was enough to keep anyone entertained. The concert was more than a concert, it was a show with multiple acts and never-ending movement. Classic hits were mixed in among a heavy tour set-list. The crowd on their feet throughout the entire concert except when the Queen of Pop requested that the crowd sit down for her acoustic performances. If you have the opportunity to see this tour definitely get out and see it you never know what surprises Madonna has in store for your show but in Atlantic City, NJ she proved her statement of “BITCH IM MADONNA!”

“Thank you Atlantic City. Thank you New Jersey. Thank you to everyone who came out, you were a great crowd. We love you. Goodnight!” – Madonna

“Nobody fucks with the Queen!” – Madonna

“Their are 3 rings to marriage; The Engagement Ring, The Wedding Ring, & Suffering.” – Madonna

“How many drinks did you have tonight sir” Says Madonna  “I didn’t count.” Guy Replies “That’s How I feel about marriage.” Madonna

Rebel Heart Tour Setlist (Atlantic City, NJ)

  1. Iconic
  2. Bitch I’m Madonna
  3. Burning Up
  4. Holy Water (w/ Vogue Snippet)
  5. Devil Pray
  6. Messiah (Video Interlude)
  7. Body Shop
  8. True Blue (Acoustic)
  9. Deeper and Deeper
  10. HeartBreakCity (Love Don’t Live Here Anymore Snippet)
  11. Like a Virgin (Justify My Life & Heartbeat Snippet)
  12. S.E.X. (Video Interlude)
  13. Living For Love
  14. La Isla Bonita
  15. Dress You Up (Into The Groove & Lucky Star Snippet)
  16. Who’s that Girl? (Acoustic)
  17. Ghosttown (Acoustic)
  18. Rebel Heart
  19. Illuminati
  20. Music (Give It To Me Snippet)
  21. Candy Shop
  22. Material Girl
  23. La Vie En Rose (Edith Piaf Cover in French)
  24. Unapologetic Bitch
  25. Holiday (Encore)
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