The Hypest Line-up Of 2020 Could Just Be The Bernie Sanders Tour Featuring The Strokes And Vampire Weekend

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is kicking 2020 off in high gear with multiple events that feature big-name rock artists such as The Strokes, Bon Iver and Vampire Weekend.

The Strokes will play an exclusive concert next month in support of Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign. It will take place in Durham, New Hampshire on February 10th, on the eve of the Democratic primary. Bernie invites all his constituents to the event, free admission.

There will be a VIP section “for super volunteers including those who have knocked over 250 doors in New Hampshire.” The performances are advertised to look like a concert announcement.

In a press release, Strokes singer Julian Casablancas writes: “We are honored to be associated with such a dedicated, diligent, & trustworthy patriot—and fellow native New Yorker! As the only truly non-corporate candidate, Bernie Sanders represents our only chance to overthrow corporate power and help return America to democracy. This is why we support him.”

This new support concert follows those already announced for Bon Iver and Vampire Weekend in Iowa this weekend. Jack White played for Sanders at a high school in Detroit last October, closely followed by members of the band Dispatch. Among Bernie Sanders’s supporters are also Killer Mike and Cardi B, on the hip-hop side.

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