The Electric Factory Cant Be Saved From The Blissful Wrath of Senses Fail

Senses Fail

PHILADELPHIA, PA — Senses Fail stopped by The Electric Factory on April 3rd, 2015 for a night of an extraordinary set with Headliner Bayside. As this New Jersey post-hardcore outfit Senses Fail bursted onto the stage with “You’re Cute When You Scream”, the crowd erupted into screams and the lyrics to the song being blasted right back at them in defeaning screams. Frontman Buddy Nielsen feeding off the crowds energy going absoultely insane on stage from dancing, jumping, flipping, etc using every possible inch of the stage that he could only pausing to deliver a lyric before taking off again to put on one of the best shows I have ever seen from Senses Fail. The band wasting very little time before launching right into “Canine” a song off their 2013 release, Renacer. The excitement was only intensified by a bombardment of songs that the group unleashed, taking only momentary breaks between the first three, as Buddy Nielsen put his voice to work as he screamed on some of their heavier stuff. Fans were hoisted into the air as they began crowd surfing towards the front, The fans flooded towards the stage faster then waves crashing ashore, many of the fans tried to enjoy this in the most dedicated way possible. Buddy more energentic then I have ever seen even spinning the microphone around by the cord and launching it into the air. Fans only getting more blissful when “Calling All Cars” began giving the fans some classic Senses Fail as they shouted out every lyric to the song.

Buddy Nielsen

Only pausing for a brief discussion and to take the time to catch his breath, allowing Nielson an opportunity to thank Bayside for bringing them along on their 15th birthday tour, before addressing an issue quite personal to him. He mentioned he had recently come out as being “queer” (his own wording of it), saying he didn’t subscribe with any of the typical labels as far as sexuality is concerned. Because of that, not feeling like he identified with any category out there, well, it had helped contribute to years of suffering for him, all because he never felt like he belonged. The audience already applauding him; as he asked that everyone, regardless of if they can personally relate to things like that or not, have some compassion for the people who are struggling with it. That was all what their new single, “All You Need is Already Within You”, was about. “You have a heart, don’t forget this! It’s so easy to become protective!” he roared in his screaming voice on this positive  track. As that song came to a close, an applause was started as they went old school with a track from their debut EP,  From the Depths of Dreams. For the longtime fans, they were ecstatic to hear “Bloody Romance”, It was amazing how Nielsen so effortlessly changed his voice as they returned to their post-hardcore/punk roots. During “Buried A Lie”, Buddy began using the slack from the mic cord like a jump rope. It was another one that satisfy most of the fans, many of whom sang along on that catchy chorus. Their setlist very diverse with classic Senses Fail songs to brand new songs, they played a song for every fan to enjoy. The band closed their set with a massive sing-along for the crowd-favorite “Bite To Break Skin”. Senses Fail only given enough time for 10 songs far surpassed the expectations of their fans as you can see as they had the best crowd of the night going insane and consisting moving/moshing throughout their entire set. Leaving all their fans very impressed and wanting more from them only leaves them to crave Senses Fail’s return to Philadelphia. Senses Fail may have been around for going on thirteen years, but they are currently at the peak of their careers currently better then I have ever seen them. The untamed energy and flawless, free performance Senses Fail gave was something you needed to witness.

Buddy Nielsen of Senses Fail


1. You’re Cute When You Scream

2. Canine

3. Calling All Cars

4. All You Need Is Already Within You

5. Bloody Romance

6. Holy Mountain

7. Closure/Rebirth

8. Buried A Lie

9. Can’t Be Saved

10. Bite to Break The Skin

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