The Dead Rabbitts – My Only Regret (Song Review)

The Dead Rabbitts My Only Regret 2014Phoenix, Arizona metalcore supergroup, The Dead Rabbitts released their first single “My Only Regret” off their first, upcoming studio album Shapeshifter. The album is due out July 1st of this year via Tragic Hero Records. The band is a side project of Escape the Fate’s Craig Mabbitt. Joining him are TJ Bell (Escape the Fate), Alex Torres (Eyes Set to Kill, Greeley Estates, and Alesana), and Chris Julian (Greeley Estates). The lyric video was released May 16th on Tragic Hero’s YouTube channel. (The video is shaky, and a little flashy which could possibly be triggering to epileptics so please watch with caution). The song is wonderfully produced. Sometimes with YouTube the production quality is lowered, it sounded slightly compressed but that was it (and expected, honestly). For being a four piece group, TDR are delivering ass-kickingness already. Mabbitt doesn’t fail to deliver on vocals; the clean to unclean vocal ratio seems to be perfect. Oh, and if you’re wondering why the main guitar riff sounds a little familiar, listen to A Day to Remember’s “Dead and Buried”. Both TDR and ADTR used the amazing Andrew Wade as a producer for their albums. However similar the main riffs sound, the songs are on completely different sides of the spectrum, so don’t let that throw you. Lyric wise, this is a song that everyone in the world can relate to. “Oh no it won’t happen again. I’ve listened to your bullshit lies too many fuckin’ times. Oh no it won’t happen again. I’ve turned my back and walked away, meeting you was my mistake.” It’s relatable not just in a romantic relationship sense, but in friendships and professional relationships as well. Fan reception has been nothing short of amazing. So many people are being positive and supportive; a nice change from the usual, negative comments that can be seen littering the comments sections on any given band’s YouTube videos.

Rating- 4/5: To keep it simple, it’s great. The song is wonderful and has me looking forward to the next single and the entire album. Knowing that Andrew Wade is the producer has me even more stoked knowing most of the amazing music he’s helped to produce over the years, mix that with the talents of four fantastic musicians and you have one badass album. Mabbitt’s cleans are just beautiful, there’s no other word. His voice is like cookies to my ears (because I love cookies, they’re amazing and make me happy just like his voice does). I’m very interested to see where this year takes The Dead Rabbitts, which I’m sure will be very far! Be sure to pre-order Shapeshifter and pick up a pre-order bundle today!

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