The Carnivores Tour rips apart The Susquehanna Bank Center with an incredible show!

On August 15th 2014, The Carnivores Tour featuring Linkin Park, Thirty Seconds To Mars & AFI made its stop in Camden, NJ at The Susquehanna Bank Center for one unforgettable night of amazing music & sets that kept the crowd…


Andrew Wendowski


Posted on August 17, 2014

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On August 15th 2014, The Carnivores Tour featuring Linkin Park, Thirty Seconds To Mars & AFI made its stop in Camden, NJ at The Susquehanna Bank Center for one unforgettable night of amazing music & sets that kept the crowd moving! The night started off at approximately 6:00pm when swarms of people began flowing into the Susquehanna Bank Center in anticipation for a concert that no one thought would even be in existence. As the crowds began to take their seats & fill their closets with new t-shirts,  at approximately 6:45 AFI entered the stage with a dramatic feeling intro song. AFI’s frontman Davey Havok used every inch of his stage space jumping all around along with running down the catwalk multiple times getting as close to their fans as possible in fact at one point standing right on the crowd to sing the chorus of “I Hope You Suffer”. AFI put on a great set and kept the crowds attention throughout the entire time, making for a great set. I will be looking out for an AFI headliner to come soon, as they definitely deserve it! 

AFI Setlist 

The Leaving Song Pt. II
Girl’s Not Grey
I Hope You Suffer
Love Like Winter
17 Crimes
The Days of the Phoenix
Silver and Cold
Miss Murder

After a brief intermission between the sets and a distribution of some Thirty Seconds to Mars flags & papers for the crowd to hold during 30STM set, The band entered the stage with the flashing of lights which then turned into 30STM illuminated logo as a backdrop. Jared Leto then running out onto the stage with a crown upon his head, as he entered into the first song “Up In The Air”. 30STM put on not only a great concert but an amazing show for the crowd who enjoyed it very well as the venue practically erupted into cheers throughout their entire set especially during the moment Jared Leto ran out into the crowd during “Kings & Queens” & then slowing it down bit by entering the crowd once again with an acoustic version of “The Kill”. Finishing out their 12 song set with “Closer To The Edge” which Jared then hand picked audience members to join 30STM on stage to finish the song & dance with him as confetti fluttered down from the ceiling of the venue onto the crowd. Overall 30STM knows how to put on an incredible performance & they dont let you down. 

30STM Setlist

Up in the Air
Night of the Hunter
This Is War
Kings and Queens
Do or Die
City of Angels
End of All Days
From Yesterday (Chorus Only)
Save Me (Chorus Only)
The Kill (Bury Me)
Closer to the Edge

After a 30-45 minute intermission between sets Linkin Park was ready to take the stage, The show tonight was being live streamed to the internet thanks to Yahoo & Live nation so their stage setup & everything had to be perfect. As the venue went dark and the crowd began to roar, Linkin Park’s stage was ready to go and began to play some intro music as bright white lights flashed then went to a wide range of colors upon the crowd which had the beat of “Guilty All The Same” as Linkin Park’s Guitarists & Drummer entered the stage with Mike Shinoda, The crowd roaring as the anticipation of Chester Bennington’s arrival to the stage to start their set off. Chester then entering the stage belting out the lyrics to “Guilty All The Same” which was just the beginning to an exceptional setlist for the night, playing everything from fan favorites, older music, & then of course the newer music off their new album “The Hunting Party”. Chester & Mike both have incredible vocal skills, & the entire crowd must’ve been blown away by the way their vocals sound EXACTLY the same as they do on their album if not better. Their set was perfection to any Linkin Park fan, the music and the added visual effects & light show they brought their all to the stage & the massive crowd enjoyed every second of the show. This is definitely a tour I would recommend seeing & I would attend a countless number of times. So I’ve heard all three of these bands never fail to give their fans a perfect show not just a concert but a visual work of art & love interacting and pleasing their fans! Get out and get to a Carnivores Tour show!

Linkin Park Setlist

Guilty All the Same
Given Up
Points of Authority
One Step Closer
Castle of Glass
Leave Out All the Rest / Shadow of the Day / Iridescent
Robot Boy
Joe Hahn Solo
Burn It Down
Waiting for the End
Final Masquerade
Wretches and Kings / Remember the Name (Fort Minor)
In the End

Lost in the Echo
New Divide
Until It’s Gone
What I’ve Done
Bleed It Out

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