The state of rock’n roll was alive and well in the heart of Camden, New Jersey on May 19th at BB&T Pavilion..

The MMRBQ 2018 kicked off with local powerhouse In the Presence of Wolves, Best known for their progressive rock and metal sound with an edgy message. Songs like “Storm in a Red Dress” were a hit with the crowd. Fists in the air saluting the band for the intense opening set, the show was off to an amazing start. Next in the bill was a band made up of three brothers, Radkey, their sound was a throwback to an age of garage punk rock. Their show was a salute to video game heroes inspiring a new generation of heroic punk rock with an attitude.

The show continues with the alluring Dorothy, a band that demands and grasps your attention with their mesmerizing live show. With sweet sounds like ”Mountain,” “Take Me Down,” and “Pretty When You’re high.” The audience was drawn into Dorothy extraordinary vocals and flawless stage presence. The vintage tones from the instruments combined with powerhouse vocals were a treat for all in attendance.

The Record Company was introduced as the band that would steal the show. Let me tell you,
they did just that. Hits like “ Off The Ground“ and “Baby I’m Broken” had the BB&T Pavilion on their feet, dancing with a reckless abandonment. Three dudes that were channeling the delta blues inspiring with harmonica in hand and magical electric slide. The audience was treated to a church revival. Can I get an Amen?

As the day progressed Icon Jonathan Davis of Korn and his band took center stage debuting his solo project live to the city of Camden. Debuting singles off his highly anticipated debut record, Black Labyrinth. Drenched in a sea of red light, a fusion of melodic world music and intense electric guitars. The audience was introduced to the many sides of Jonathan Davis. You could feel the emotion of each song drawing you into his world.

Rock Legends, Stone Temple Pilots were up next with new lead singer Jeff Gutt (Brought to fame and founded by the X-Factor) took you back to a time that gave us hits such as “ Vaseline,” “Big Empty,” and “Wicked Garden.” The energy infusion from Jeff Gutt carried the band into a new direction which introduced a new self titled record and single “Meadow.” The vibe from the audience elevated the bands performance and rocked through the night . The performance was a fitting tribute to Scott

The BBQ continues with Ghost, Who’s commanding guitar solos and vocals took control of your mind and soul. You felt the message of rock! With a stunning back drop Ghost transported the audience to the cathedral of the damned. All were singing collectively, every word with horns in the air. The music was amazing giving you chills down your spine. I have to say it was electric, it was evil, and I wanted more and more. Cannot wait till they come back around.

The wait is over for the main event, Alice in Chains, who took over the MMRBQ by storm with classic songs like “Would,” “Dam That River,“ and “Them Bones.” New frontman, William DuVall, electrified the stage while Jerry Cantrell played with authority still proving that he is the man. The crowd went crazy for “Nutshell” and their new single “The One You Know.” An emotional Jerry Cantrell interacted with audience showing that his love for music and entertaining his fans is his No. 1 priority. The show was a journey of emotions that was reflective of time where grunge was the king. Memories of Layne Staley whispered through the performance while Mike Inez delivered the heavy bottom end washing the crowd with thunderous bass lines.

Overall, the 2018 MMRBQ was a phenomenal day of an incredibly talented lineup of musicians. We cannot wait to see what 2019’s MMRBQ will bring. Check out some exclusive photos from the event below by David Melendez.

Review by: Ronnie Howell | Photos by: David Melendez 

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