Have you ever wondered what all 15 songs of Taylor Swift’s Reputation would sound like in a pop punk or rock format and blended together perfectly in one 7 minute mashup? Well thanks to Terabrite, Now you can! Terabrite is a band from made up of two very talented people including Sabrina Abu-Obeid and her boyfriend, DJ Monopoli, based in Melbourne, Florida.

The duo has a highly successful YouTube channel for their band where they release originals and lots of unique music video quality covers of the most popular songs today. This time around they did their take on not just one song but the entire Taylor Swift Reputation album. Terabrite has also covered “Look What You Made Me Do” and “Gorgeous” off of Swift’s latest album Reputation, in full, which can be seen by clicking on the song names below after the Reputation mashup! The band also cover swift classics like “Shake It Off,” “Bad Blood,” and “Safe & Sound” which can also be seen below by clicking the links.

See the mashup below:

YouTube video

Other Taylor Swift Covers by Terabrite:

Look What You Made Me Do


Bad Blood

Shake It Off

Safe & Sound


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