Tenille Townes; Photo Courtesy of YouTube
Tenille Townes; Photo Courtesy of YouTube

Tenille Townes Asks “When’s It Gonna Happen” In Relatable New Anthem For Single People

In early December, Tenille Townes took to TikTok to release a snippet of her new song, “When’s It Gonna Happen,” and the outpouring of support from fans on the platform persuaded the 10-time Canadian CMA winner to release the song and music video.

Out now, “When’s It Gonna Happen” is an anthem for single people everywhere as Townes shares her feelings of being “the last one standing” as her close friends are “falling in love” around her. The idea for the song was born during a virtual writing session and is a true story.

”I was on a zoom writing session with my friends, Stephen Wrabel and Steph Jones. And we were kind of talking about that and about how I was getting a bunch of invitations in the mail to my friend’s weddings and how it feels like they are all getting married and having babies,” Townes said. “And what if we wrote a song about what it feels like to not be in that same spot right now?”

The song touches on topics that are often difficult to discuss, including hope, fear, insecurities, and more.

“Sometimes I feel like I’m the last one standin’ / I look around and all my friends are fallin’ in love / I’m scared to death I’ll end up empty-handed / Can’t be the only one / Thinking when’s it gonna happen, happen to mе / Know it’s supposed to happen naturally / When’s it gonna happеn to me?” Townes sings on the chorus.

Upon release, hundreds of thousands of fans shared their stories via social media on how they truly connected to the tune’s relatable lyrics. The support means the world to Townes.

“It has been the most encouraging and exciting thing seeing people comment and say that they feel the same way,” Townes added. “So here’s to rocking the single life. I can’t wait to sing it at the top of our lungs together on the road!”

Tenille Townes; Photo Courtesy of YouTube
Tenille Townes; Photo Courtesy of YouTube

“When’s It Gonna Happen” follows her vulnerable track, “Villain In Me.”

Later this month, Townes is set to embark on her first-ever headlining trek in the United States, dubbed the Villain In Me Tour. The tour kicks off on January 27 in Nashville, Tennessee, and will continue through the Spring with stops in Los Angeles, Charlotte, Detroit, New York, Philadelphia and more.

The fast-rising star is also set to open for country legends George Strait and Reba McEntire in February, before heading to the United Kingdom for C2C in March 2022.

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