Taylor Swift revealed some exciting news via her Instagram live today (06/13/19), and today she revealed that she will be releasing a new single called “You Need To Calm Down” tonight at midnight via audio. The music video for this new single will be premiering on June 17th on Good Morning America and will simultaneously be released via her YouTube channel as well.

Swift wanted to release the music video on a different day from the actual song as she stated, “I wanted you to hear the song first, then see the video and as there’s a lot going in the video.”

Swift also detailed some information on her seventh studio album which she announced the title of the new record, which will be titled, Lover, and will be released on August 23rd, 2019. She told fans in the live stream that if you calculate why the album is being released on this specific date, it is because August is the 8th month and the date 23 if you add 8+2+3, it equals Swifts favorite number 13.

Swift detailed that the album will have 18-tracks on the new record, Lover, which as she said this album has more tracks on it then any of her other albums in the past. Lover is the follow-up to Swift’s No. 1 record, Reputation.

Swift also mentioned that Stella McCartney will appear as a collab on the new album and fans are excited. She also went on to thank her fans for caring about her and her music and for paying attention to the easter eggs and details that she puts within her music videos, etc…


Check out the Swift’s forthcoming new album (Lover) artwork below:

Cover shot by the artistic genius that is Valheria Rocha

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