Taylor Swift Shakes It In Style at Her SOLD OUT PHILADELPHIA Show

PHILADELPHIA, PA — Grammy Award Winning artist and the world’s biggest country turned pop star, Taylor Swift, conquered the Lincoln Financial Field in her home state of Pennsylvania this past Saturday, June 13th with a SOLD OUT performance. Swift has…


Andrew Wendowski


Posted on June 15, 2015

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PHILADELPHIA, PA — Grammy Award Winning artist and the world’s biggest country turned pop star, Taylor Swift, conquered the Lincoln Financial Field in her home state of Pennsylvania this past Saturday, June 13th with a SOLD OUT performance. Swift has performed three sold-out shows at Lincoln Financial Field previously: one in 2011 and two in 2013. Swift added two more shows to her roster of sold out performances at “The Linc” with her 1989 World Tour. The 1989 World Tour gets its name from her latest album, 1989, which is also Taylor’s birth year. The album is closing in on selling an astonishing 5 million copies in the U.S and now features three number one hits, including her latest single, “Bad Blood.” This album completes Swift’s transition from teenage country singer to a fearless adult pop sensation. She’s also finding her way onto the biggest stages possible, selling out stadiums of 50,000+ of Swift’s friends. 

Taylor had many backup dancers to accompany her very high production performance. Swift and her dancers had elaborately choreographed dance routines throughout the night, in which not one moment was there a fan in the crowd not having something to look at. From the dancers who floated in the air doing acrobatics, to Taylor dancing in her sparkling sequined or light up dresses, as her dancers danced with light up umbrellas around her. Swift’s attire consisted of the most sparkling eye popping outfits one could find which matched perfectly with her loving high-spirited personality. Her wardrobe changed about 10 times throughout the night in which she modified her attire to fit the song at hand perfectly. Taylor was able to dress attractively as well as classy, she mixed the two up quite well during all of her costume changes. 

From the opening explosive sounds of “Welcome to New York” through the closing beats of “Shake it Off,” this was a show meant to make you dance and have a great time. Along with choreography and special effects, the production had impressive attention to detail. One of the standout details was taped to every seat in the stadium. It was a pulsating, light up bracelet, automated to light up different colors on different songs. Between that and all the fans’ lit-up costumes, there were enough colored flashing lights creating a beautiful light display in the crowd making for a very “Romantic Feel” as Taylor stated. Nobody bonds with their audience like Taylor Swift, and on this humid Saturday night in South Philadelphia at The Lincoln Financial Field, the 25 year old pop superstar from Wyomissing, PA. spent more than two hours connecting with 50,000 of her closest fans in the second of two back-to-back sellout shows. Taylor Swift, known to have surprises at each show of hers, brought out Rachel Platton on Saturday to perform her single “Fight Song.” Platton’s single is soaring high up on the iTunes charts. Taylor Swift then brought the energy level down a bit by bringing an acoustic guitar to strum on stage while singing “You Are in Love.”  She even coached the crowd to echo each line of the chorus in a call and response. 

While taking a breather between songs, Swift preached to the crowd  “Music is the only thing that we all have that understands us at our lowest points. You are not someone else’s opinion of you. You are not the product of your mistakes. You are not going nowhere just because you haven’t gotten to your destination yet. You are your own definition of beautiful and no one else is. You are someone who is wiser because of the mistakes you’ve made in your life. You are someone who was brave enough to take the risks that it takes to make mistakes.” She then introduced her song “Clean.”  Following “Clean,” Swift took a break from her new album 1989 and took fans back to 2008 with one of her biggest hits, “Love Story,” in which she played the keyboard before going back to her latest album with the song “Style.” She was joined on stage with another surprise guest. Taylor welcomed her friend Mariska Hargitay, also known as Olivia Benson (Law & Order SVU) to the 1989 runway serenading her with her song “Style.”  Swift continued with more songs from her 1989 album with “This Love”, and her latest number one hit “Bad Blood” in which the stage looked something like the music video. Swift then grabbed her electric guitar and went into her famous breakup song “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”. She delivered a rough and tough performance of the hit, as if she were screaming the lyrics right in the face of the boy she never wants to see again. 

As the lights dimmed, Taylor then rose from the center stage on a sparkling piano playing “Enchanted” from her 2010 album Speak Now. Swift played piano on the ballad before segueing into “Wildest Dreams.” Swift then exploded into “Out of the Woods,” then exited the stage for a quick costume change. T. Swift then reentered to a fan favorite and one of Taylor’s biggest hits and the finale of the show: “Shake It Off”.  Swift used confetti cannons and fireworks to illuminate and decorate the crowd.  As Taylor and her dancers ended, they took a bow as the confetti fluttered down upon them as she thanked the crowd endlessly. 

Concluding a two and a half hour very impressive extraordinary set, as the lights then illuminating the room reminding us of how much Swift’s fans love her with homemade shirts, thousands of signs, and fans exiting the concert extremely thrilled and over joyed from the mind blowing performance from Taylor! Taylor Swift is not only an incredibly talented musician, but a very high spirited, kind, giving person and an extraordinary performer. Several times throughout the evening, Swift stopped to humbly thank her fans for taking time out of their lives to attend her show, and they more than returned the thanks with screams of pure joy and devotion, shouting every lyric to every song throughout Swift’s extraordinary performance.

There aren’t many musicians out there who could play for over 2 hours per night, per show for their fans who are selling out stadiums and traveling cross country to see her, Nor are there many musicians who actually put on such a high production, visually explosive set with such choreographed dance routines like Taylor has done tonight and continues to do. The proof is in the numbers though, At a time when the music industry is gasping for breath, Swift is soaring high above the rest, selling over 5 million copies of her latest album, 1989. Along with selling out stadiums and arenas all over the world. Swift isn’t going anywhere but up to higher levels of success with her solid dedication to her fans. Get out and See her on this 1989 World Tour, YOU DONT WANT TO MISS IT! 

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