Unpredictability and Taylor Swift seemingly go hand in hand these days, as she has given fans another surprise treat and released the full version of her new song “… Ready For It?” which is the second track released of her upcoming album “Reputation”.

You can check out the full track below:

YouTube video

Fans got a tease of the new track during its’ premiere on Saturday during the broadcast of the Alabama vs. Florida State college football game before Swift dropped the entire new track early Sunday morning.

Swift sent out a tweet on Saturday that read, ” A second glance into #reputation … ready for it?” The song will be the opening track on the “Reputation” album which will drop on November 10th.

“… Ready For It?” showcases even more of Swift’s darker and more aggressive side and she definitely appears to be embracing much more of an electronic style with what we have heard from “Reputation” thus far. The new song will also serve as the soundtrack for ABC networks fall season promos as well!

YouTube video

This album is sure to toss any preconceived notions anyone may have previously had about Taylor Swift straight out the window and we actually think the way in which she is going about the marketing and style elements for this album is nothing short of pure genius. We are literally on the edge of our seats just waiting to see just what she will come out with next!

It is refreshing to be excited for something in music again!

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