TASTE OF CHAOS PHILADELPHIA: Taking Back Sunday and Dashboard Confessional Conquer, The Starting Line Has Triumph Return, Saosin comes home

Taste Of Chaos Tour—in Philadelphia, PA at The SOLD OUT Festival Pier in Penn’s Landing on June 19th, 2016—started off the day with close to home, New Jersey rock band, The Early November.  The Early November started off strong with…


Andrew Wendowski


Posted on June 21, 2016

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Taste Of Chaos Tour—in Philadelphia, PA at The SOLD OUT Festival Pier in Penn’s Landing on June 19th, 2016—started off the day with close to home, New Jersey rock band, The Early November.  The Early November started off strong with “Decoration,” which came off their 2nd full length album The Mother, the Mechanic, and the Path. Ace Enders always puts out an exceptional performance rather it be with The Early November or with one of his side projects, Ender’s voice is flawless and impeccable and all while he has a huge smile on his face throughout their entire set. The Early November performing fan favorites like “Tell Me Why,” and “I Want To Hear You Sad.” As well as newer tracks like “Narrow Mouth,” and “I Don’t Care” off their 2015 forth full length record titled Imbue.  Frontman Ace Enders telling the crowd “This has been one of the best shows of the tour so far.”TEN putting out a very fan interactive set igniting the energy in the fans to get them ready for the wrath of Saosin w/ Anthony Green.

Saosin taking the stage next, with frontman Anthony Green back at the mic. Launching their very energetic set with “Racing Toward A Red Light” fresh off their latest 2016 release of Along The Shadow (via Epitaph Records). Then taking us back to 2003 with the title track of their debut release, “Translating The Name.” Anthony Green very energy filled using up every inch of the stage during their entire set, as his family watched from side stage and his children even making an appearance on stage every now and again as it was Father’s Day and Green is a dad of 3 little gods as he would call them.  His energy very contagious and it just makes you want to move as the crowd flooded over the barricade and went wild during “The Silver String” another new track from Along The Shadow which happens to be a very catchy song that the crowd screamed every lyric to. Performing some other fan favorite hits like “3rd Measurement in C,” and “I Can Tell There Was An Accident Here Earlier,” before going into more new material like “Illusion & Control,” “Control and The Urge To Pray,” and of course ending their set with one of Saosin’s biggest hits and a favorite of many “Seven Years” where Anthony Green flawlessly crowd surfed from the stage to the soundboard climbing into the rafters above it before ending the extraordinary set. Any project Anthony Green is apart of is a guaranteed success with his one of a kind voice complimenting the instrumentals.

Taking to the stage next was Philadelphia’s own Hometown heroes, The Starting Line making their inaugural return to live music in Philadelphia after about a decade long hiatus. From the moment Kenny Vasoli stepped onto the stage to perform “Up & Go” until the moment The Starting Line finished playing fan favorite “The Best Of Me” was a non-stop sing along full of energy with the crowd singing louder then the band’s frontman (10,000 people at the SOLD OUT Festival Pier). The band had a constant flow of crowd surfers finding their way to the barricade one after another, during every single song.  The Starting Line was definitely an incredible addition to the Philadelphia date of Taste Of Chaos.

Long Island, NY rockers, Taking Back Sunday hitting the stage next as their backdrop unveiled a massive American Flag as they launched into a huge hit “Cute Without The ‘E’ (Cut From The Team)” off their debut album, Tell All Your Friends. Taking Back Sunday is one of those bands with hit after hit that conquered and still conquer the radio airwaves to this day playing hits like “Flicker, Fade,” “Liar (It Takes One To Know One),” and “What’s It Feel Like To Be a Ghost.” Fans loved every second of their set and frontman Adam Lazzara fed off their explosive energy levels running around the stage and at times jumping as he sang the lyrics to everyone in attendances favorite songs. Taking Back Sunday sounding better then I have ever heard them before evening taking advantage of this tour to showcase some new music to fans, performing a few new songs “Tidal Wave,” and “Holy Water.” Both are which flawless and impeccable, and definitely going to be huge hits when they are officially released on their new record. Anytime Taking Back Sunday comes through your city, its a must to go see them as they never fail to put on one fabulous live show you wont regret seeing.

Dashboard Confessional, headlining the show tonight in Philly. Starting their set with one their biggest hits and a huge success for their career, “Vindicated” off of their forth studio album, Dusk and Summer released in 2006. Dashboard playing a variety of songs and even splitting their set between full band & acoustic sets twice giving something to every one of their fans in attendance. Being Dashboard has not released an album since the re-release of The Swiss Army Romance they are still current and fans are still loving every second of every live show they have.

Overall, Taste Of Chaos is an incredible lineup, with a lot of throwback bands who are making comebacks today with great new music. You should go out to a Taste of Chaos tour date while you still can and if you cannot you definitely need to check out all of these artists new music and catch them on a tour date when they come through your city!

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