Taking Back Sunday & The Used MakeDamnSure the crowd had an amazing night of great music!

Taking Back Sunday & The Used MakeDamnSure the crowd had an amazing night of great music!Taking Back Sunday & The Used tour featuring Sleepwave & Tonight Alive entered into Philadelphia PA on April 13th 2014 at The SOLD OUT Tower Theater for an awesome night of amazing music & bands! Started off the night with a new band Sleepwave featuring ex-underoath vocalist Spencer Chamberlin as their vocalist. They started the show off with an awesome performance with a very dark stage setting but I have to say their going to grow very quickly cause the crowd was going crazy during their set. Next band to perform was Tonight Alive who started off their very brightly lit set with their song “The Fire” which got the crowd moving a little bit more & by the end of Tonight Alives great set the crowd was really moving to their hit song “Lonely Girl” which was their ending song on their setlist. 

Next band to perform is Co-Headliner The Used. The first song of their setlist was a new track off Imaginary Enemy titled “Cry.” which every fan out in the crowd was hoping to see live as I seen many many fans tweeting them & comment on their facebook posts to perform “Cry” live during this tour so what a better way to start off their AMAZING set with their newest hit song! The Crowd Roaring with excitement within the first few chords of “Cry” & then singing the lyrics to the song so loud the Tower Theater felt like it was about to explode from the crowds reaction to the new song. Their 12 song setlist included some of their older hit songs like “Bird & The Worm, I Caught Fire, Taste Of Ink & more” their set was nothing more then breath taking! Their set consisted of their name on their backdrop along with a very unique pile of TV’s behind them on stage that were lit up with spotlights in them throughout their entire set. The Used then ended their very awesome high energy set by performing their hit song “A Box Full Of Sharp Objects” which Bert started by saying that this is their best song ever written, which the crowd then cheered with excitement & sang till they couldnt sing no more, well until Taking Back Sunday who is up next!

The Used Setlist

1. Cry

2. Take It Away

3. The Bird and the Worm

4. Listening

5. I Caught Fire

6. The Taste of Ink

7. All That I’ve Got

8. Buried Myself Alive

9. Revolution

10. Pretty Handsome Awkward 

11. On My Own 12. A Box Full of Sharp Objects

Taking Back Sunday’s Crew then preparing the stage for them where they then began  coming out to with their song “Stood A Chance” which Adam (vocalist) entered the stage with their dark stage as colorful lights flashed & flickered onto the stage & he used up every single inch of the stage with his very high energy entrance to the stage when they then continued on to their 15 song setlist which consisted of many of their songs old & new. Ending their awesome set with their hit song “MakeDamnSure” which the enter tower theater then began to shake as the fans jumped & sang their lungs to explosion as the lights then faded out & Taking Back Sunday exited the stage & the fans flooded out of the tower theater. You definately should get out & see The Used & Taking Back Sunday if you get the chance to, They are GREAT! Huge Thank you goes out to Big Picture Media for this show & Photo Pass! Thank you guys!

Taking Back Sunday Setlist

1. Stood a Chance

2. Timberwolves at New Jersey

3. Liar (It Takes One to Know One)

4. Faith (When I Let You Down)

5. You Know How I Do

6. Beat Up Car

7. Number Five with a Bullet

8. What’s It Feel Like to Be a Ghost?

9. A Decade Under the Influence

10. Better Homes and Gardens

11. You’re So Last Summer

12. Error: Operator

13. Flicker, Fade

14. Cute Without the ‘E’ (Cut from the Team)

15. MakeDamnSure

Photos: THE USED: http://www.awendowskiphoto.com/theused-philly

TAKING BACK SUNDAY: http://www.awendowskiphoto.com/p459333980

TONIGHT ALIVE: http://www.awendowskiphoto.com/p199198347

 & also on our live photo section of our website!

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