Demi Lovato; Courtesy of YouTube
Demi Lovato; Courtesy of YouTube

Take A Tour Inside Demi Lovato’s Los Angeles Home [WATCH]

In 2021, modern farmhouses were all the rage, but Demi Lovato has taken that style up a notch, adding her personality into a new space and making it uniquely hers. From a friendly pet play area to a room dripping in glamour, this home is one to feast eyes on.

Located in Los Angeles, this sprawling 8,500-square-foot residence features an immersive experience for lucky individuals who get to walk through the space. Inside, guests will see Lovato’s curation brought to life across six bedrooms and seven bathrooms.

A video on YouTube, as seen above, shows the former Disney Channel star’s personality translated into various areas of the home, such as the dramatic reception room and eggplant painted living room. Rooms feature contrasting fixtures and art from underrepresented artists Monica Kim Garza, Lilian Martinez, Hanna Epstein, Yasmine Nasser Diaz, and Lola Rose Thompson. Lovato leaned into maximalism but also played around with different levels in each room, making use of height, pops of color, and textural designs.

The star, who worked alongside Argyle Design founders Kat Bell and James Drew to make her house a home, also added a touch of humor into the mix with pieces like a mannequin statue, a mushroom chair, a leather pig, a pair of tongue chairs, and more.

One of Lovato’s goals for decorating her home was to have “good hosting energy” filtered throughout her space.

As for her glam room, which features a neon sign that reads, “You’re never fully dressed without a smile,” Lovato says, “Having a glam room is important to me because I spend so much time getting my hair and makeup done for jobs and everything. So I wanted this room to feel really cozy and fun with a lot of energy. So, when I get ready to go to work, I’m in a really good mood and feeling great.”

And, it’s not just the indoor space where Lovato spends her time. She also can enjoy a spacious backyard with a pool, hot tub, fire pit, in-ground trampoline, and outdoor kitchen featuring a built-in grill. Lovato can spend time in her yard with her two dogs, Batman and Cinderella, who have their own specially designed pup play area secured with netting.

“I love the outdoor space,” Lovato told in a recent Zoom interview. “I also loved that it had everything that I needed—there were a lot of houses that were beautiful, but there wasn’t [another] house that could have a room for glam, a room for my fittings, a room for my studio… Also, the vibe was really beautiful, and I fell in love with it when I saw it.”

“The last house I owned for myself—I didn’t have a vision for it,” Lovato added. “It was just this blank, white, minimalistic yet cozy home… I really loved living there, but at the same time, it felt empty.”

Lovato decided to purchase the property after experiencing the lockdown that was brought on by the World Health Crisis. According to the outlet, she needed a change of pace and joined many others who were in the market for buying a home.

“Home to me is where I can rest easy and where I can stay—even if there’s a quarantine or lockdown—and feel completely fulfilled,” she concludes. “I have no reason to leave. This is exactly everything that I’ve wanted in a house.”

Good thing she traded out old digs for new ones, as the new quarters allow her to work her creative muscles. So much so that she crafted together ideas for her eighth album, Holy Fvck, with Island Records in her Studio City palace. The album finds Lovato leaving her pop days behind and according to a press release, “is a sonic journey grounded in Lovato’s rock and pop-punk roots.” Those descriptions reflect the kind of designs Lovato incorporated into the different areas of her home.

Lovato’s Holy Fvck album, which features 16 tracks and identifies a new direction for the artist, follows Dancing With the Devil… The Art of Starting Over.

Check out the YouTube video above to see Lovato’s stunning property in Los Angeles.

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