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Otep Speaks Out on What Actually Happened, “All the stuff coming that I’m saying local bands can’t sell merch…it’s all nonsense”

After a rather lengthy video surfaced online on OTEP‘s Facebook page this week where she mentioned “Local bands don’t sell tickets,” which can be read about on The New Fury and the video can be seen below. In a recent interview with The Music Room Otep spoke out regarding the recent situation with what happened in Cincinnati, The Convalescence getting kicked …

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Paramore MONUMENTOUR Merch Fashion Show

Paramore released a video of them (and their crew) hosting their own fashion show, showcasing the merchandise fans can pick up this summer on the Mounumentour with Fall Out Boy! So what are you waiting for? You can watch is awesome video! & Buy your tickets for the remaining dates of the Monumentour if they arent SOLD OUT! link for tickets & …

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Jacoby Shaddix talks about new clothing line Lovers Are Lunatics

I’m here today with Jacoby of Papa Roach to talk about his new clothing line Lovers Are Lunatics.  1.Could you give a background on Lovers Are Lunatics & How Lovers Are Lunatics started/came about?  The way Lovers Are Lunatics started was, I met this guy named Jeff C Henry about 7 years ago, He started designing my stage clothes for …

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