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Striving To Be The Best Musician You Can Be? Gear Matters!

When going out to see your favorite band in concert, the focus is almost always primarily on the stage, watching them rock out to their top hits, but one thing that is often overlooked is the type of gear that those particular artists are using to create their signature sound.

While we might take notice of what type of guitar is being shredded or the type of bass that is being plucked, but what we often don’t take notice of is the other type of accessories used by bands to craft their music and bring everything cohesively together. Individuals who want to start a band don’t always think that they need other accessories to go along with their basic instruments such as the guitar, bass, and drums.  Should you buy pedalboards? How about bass drum pedals or shields?

These are items that often get overlooked, but are incredibly important for any artists out there who are striving to create a signature sounds. For instance, pedalboards can help an artist make the very most out of the gear they already own. Aclam Guitars, for example, can be the perfect place to start your search.

Over the years many artists have used effects pedals when creating music to add another level of depth to their sound and to create some really amazing soundscapes using nothing more than simply added effects from a pedalboard set-up. There are many places to search online to find some excellent tips on whether or not to use velcro as a fastener, how to install the power supply, the correct sizing for each pedalboard set up and how to keep the cables tidy to only name a few. These tips can help you set up a unique and custom pedalboard in no time at all!

Usually, an artist will choose a few different guitar effects pedals to vary out their sound a bit and then all of those different pedals will be fastened onto a pedalboard to help keep things neat and tidy. Have you ever seen a touring band in concert with a bunch of wires and pedals sticking out all over the stage?  We really haven’t, so this goes to show you that keeping everything together on a pedalboard is really the way to go!  The same goes for the drummer as well! You don’t see the drummers bass pedals laying all over the stage, everything is kept neatly tucked away and in its’ place until they need to be used.

Pedals and guitarists go hand in hand! Pedal effects are used to enhance a particular sound as well as to capture a tone in a guitarist’s mind. Remember, that as you are striving to become a musician, your tone should always remain very much your own. This is what helps create a band’s signature sound and before you know it once that sound has been created you could very quickly be moving out of neighborhood garage and well on your way to selling out arenas in the future. If you can dream it, it can happen!

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