There was no rest on Sunday for New Orleans as the doors opened for Stone Temple Pilots at The Fillmore. As the crowds filled the venue, anticipation and excitement filled the air. Warbly Jets opened the show and the crowd was captivated from the first note. Their energy and style flowed from the stage and the crowd quickly followed suit by letting the energy flow thru them and explode. The band’s home-base is downtown Los Angeles with their latest EP, Propaganda.

Rival Sons were next and  with a bluesy rock and roll kind of vibe. Through the chatter of the crowd many were comparing the sound to something of The Doors. They are currently celebrating the recent release of their acclaimed Low Country Sound / Atlantic Records debut LP, FERAL ROOTS.

What else could you ask for in the big easy? Nothing but the headliner Stone Temple Pilots. As the lights grew dim the crowd knows what is about to happen and a wall of excitement rushes towards the stage as the members emerge from the darkness. As the first cord is struck, the crowd goes crazy hearing new and old tracks seamlessly blended together for a blast from the past and to show what the future holds. The Lead singer, Jeff Gutt, puts his own style into the songs while keeping true to the original version. Stone Temple Pilots are celebrating the 25th anniversary of their sophomore LP, Purple, with a Super Deluxe Edition reissue. Due out October 18th.

Every show that Stone Temple Pilots preforms at, they give it all they’ve got every night. Not once but 3 times Jeff came off the stage to interact with the crowd with one of those times balancing on the railing and interacting with the crowd to their excitement. Rarely do you see such raw energy and enjoyment from a band and lead singer but you will get nothing less from STP. If there’s any question about that just look at the contagious smile on Jeff’s face and you will see for yourself how much they are enjoying performing for the masses and soaking in every moment.

Rival Sons Setlist:
Back in the Woods
Open My Eyes
Too Bad
End of Forever
Look Away
Where I’ve Been
Feral Roots
Face of Light
Electric Man
Do Your Worst
Keep On Swinging
Shooting Stars

Stone Temple Pilots Setlist:
Silvergun Superman
Wicked Garden
Big Bang Baby
Big Empty
Interstate Love Song
Roll Me Under
Dead & Bloated
Trippin’ on a Hole in a Paper Heart
Piece of Pie
Sex Type Thing

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